Spaceport Cornwall is the Location for the First UK Rocket Launch in 2022

25th Feb 2021
Spaceport Cornwall is the Location for the First UK Rocket Launch in 2022

The Cornwall spaceport is the best location for astronaut delivery into orbit, according to Richard Branson. He said this as he let space enthusiasts know more about the upcoming launch from Cornwall spaceport and space tourism ventures. 

According to Sir Branson, the location of Cornwall spaceport is ideally situated for the upcoming launch in 2022. If this launch goes as planned, it will set a UK record as the country’s first commercial rocket launch. 

Virgin Galactic Mission and Overall Purpose

Virgin Galactic hopes to use the UK spaceport to send tourists into orbit in the upcoming years. The company came about as part of Branson’s vision to open up space to more people. The company will enable space tourists to charter commercial space crafts and tour lower Earth orbit. 

The mission is still a long way from its realization, but the Virgin brand has a lot to celebrate. Branson’s other company, Virgin Orbit, is shining bright as it has made great strides in the industry and continues to show promising results. 

Its most recent success was a satellite launch from California in January 2021. It’s now aiming to make history by being the first to launch from the UK spaceport in Cornwall in 2022. According to Branson, the Cornwall spaceport is perfect for this mission since it permits the rocket to start over the water surface. 

The mission has garnered lots of support from the area, including from the Cornwall Council. Branson has a history in Cornwall, given it was the location of his childhood vacations. Also, he has garnered tremendous countrywide support for the launch. 

For now, the plan is only to deliver satellites to orbit from Spaceport Cornwall. However, there’s no limit to the potential of the UK Spaceport. It’s an ideal location for future space tourism plans for Virgin Galactic. 

Upcoming Events in Cornwall

Apart from having a top spaceport in its locale, the area is set to be the stage for the upcoming G7 summit in June 2021. The summit’s exact location is Carbis Bay, which is only a short distance from the Cornwall spaceport. In line with this event, Branson announced that there are talks about organizing a publicity stunt around the same time highlighting the spaceport. 

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