Jeff Bezos Wore a Tailored Spacesuit on his 1st Blue Origin Space Tourism Flight

5th Apr 2022
Jeff Bezos Wore a Tailored Spacesuit on his 1st Blue Origin Space Tourism Flight

According to recent reports, Blue Origin founder Jeff Bezos had to tailor his spacesuit before making the first-ever space tourism flight last year because the suit fitted poorly around his crotch.

Blue Origin First Space Tourism Flight

Blue Origin’s first commercial space tourist flight marked an important milestone in the aerospace industry but was faced with some degree of resignation. Jeff Bezos, Amazon founder and former CEO, coupled his newly adjusted spacesuit with a cowboy hat, which caused a certain degree of dissonance. Three other passengers accompanied the eccentric billionaire and Blue Origin founder on this historic space tourism trip. As a reminder, one ticket for the trip was sold at an online auction.

Jeff Bezos and Public Ridicule

Despite his significant contribution to the development of commercial space tourism, Jeff Bezos, not unlike many other public figures, faces a lot of criticism. In particular, the public ridiculed the phallic shape of the Blue Origin spacecraft, and the latest announcement about the spacesuit not fitting in the crotch area had probably made the matter resurface again.

In addition, the public scrutinises Jeff Bezos’s high-profile relationship with actress, Lauren Sanchez. Before the first Blue Origin space tourism flight, Jeff Bezos gave Sanchez a letter while the rest of the crew watched awkwardly nearby. The request to dismantle a Dutch historic bridge to accommodate the billionaire’s yacht also raised quite a lot of eyebrows recently.

After his successful return from a space trip, Jeff Bezos announced that he would be stepping down as Amazon CEO to focus on Blue Origin and its space projects. According to one of the Amazon executives, such a decision might have had something to do with public criticism. Whatever the case, Jeff Bezos will continue leading Blue Origin and developing more aerospace projects, including space tourism flights.

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