Rocket Factory Augsburg Launch Service Agreement Signed with OHB

22nd Apr 2021
RFA and OHB Sweden

A new Rocket Factory Augsburg launch service agreement has been signed with OHB Sweden. The mission is scheduled for mid-2024 and could become one of the first steps to building a constellation of satellites for OHB. Both companies are optimistic about collaboration and share their plans for the future.

Rocket Factory Augsburg launch service agreement with OHB

According to Managing Director at OHB, Benoit Mathieu, Rocket Factory Augsburg and OHB share similar visions and corporate philosophies. Even though OHB has over three decades of experience in small satellite development and Rocket Factory Augsburg is a young startup, the companies are a perfect match. Mathieu believes that RFA will keep pace with its launcher development and meet all the set milestones because the German company has already shown a very impressive track record over its relatively short existence.

Besides OHB, Rocket Factory Augsburg has support from Venture Capital firm Apollo Capital Partners. Currently, the company is working on its RFA One launcher. The rocket will be able to deliver up to 1300 kg of payload to low earth orbit. To date, RFA has already completed a series of successful tests and is getting ready for its debut launch by the end of 2022.

RFA Chief Commercial Officer Jörn Spurmann states the entire team is very proud to sign an agreement with OHB. The latest Rocket Factory Augsburg launch service agreement is the first for the German startup, but given the company’s potential, more launch agreements will likely follow. Spurmann believes that OHB has chosen RFA for its highly competitive launch service.

RFA Chief Operating Officer, Dr. Stefan Brieschenk, adds that the latest Rocket Factory Augsburg launch service agreement marks an important milestone for the company. He notes that the commercial satellite industry in Europe will keep on growing, and RFA One, with its precise deployment capabilities and reasonable launch costs, will give clients the flexibility no traditional launcher will be able to compete with.

These claims are well-justified since OHB is not the only organization that supports Rocket Factory Augsburg. Just recently, the ESA funded €500 million for RFA One rocket development. The company is at the forefront of the European space industry, and its upcoming launcher has already passed several successful tests. So, there is strong reason to believe that the latest Rocket Factory Augsburg launch service agreement with OHB will be the first in the series of successful launch contracts.

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