OHB award Ground Station contract to Elecnor Deimos

27th May 2020
OHB award Ground Station contract to Elecnor Deimos

German Aerospace company, OHB, as the principal representative of a large Earth Observation Mission, selected Elecnor Deimos to represent the ground control aspects of their mission recently.

Earth Observation mission

OHB SE is a European multinational technological company, one of the areas of which it operates is space systems. OHB-I, with whom Elecnor Deimos has contracted, is the Italian division of the company. They act as the main contractor of the Earth observation mission.

The mission is based on the use of a very high-resolution optical satellites designed for government purposes. The nominal life of the hardware is 7 years.

Data visualization is due to passive remote sensing and active radar surveillance. The information obtained is used to monitor certain regions and oceans, as well as to monitor weather conditions and atmospheric composition.

The experience of developing the SAR-Lupe satellite constellation was used to create the Earth observation systems. This allowed for high-resolution observation in the visible, infrared, and radar segments.

Partnership with Deimos Group

The signed contract implies the joint work of companies in the field of Earth Observation. Elecnor Deimos already has several of its own projects involved in:

  • Space exploration;
  • The study of the Earth from space;
  • Satellite navigation;
  • Analysis of the current space situation;
  • Development of launch platforms.

The collaboration between Deimos Space and OHB-I will open up new possibilities for the use of GS4EO, an exclusive development of Deimos for the purpose of earth observation.

GS4EO is a complete subsystem of the Earth Observation mission segment. Its components can be used individually or be combined into a turnkey solution. It is the second option that is planned to be provided to customers under a joint contract.

GS4EO development was carried out on the basis of experience with satellites of the DEIMOS group – Deimos-1 and Deimos-2. The work also took the launches of numerous GS subsystems for the ESA, EUMETSAT, and Spanish EO missions into account. The GS4EO kit is already widely used in ESA, and a new contract with Elecnor Deimos will allow it to be adapted for commercial solutions.

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