Rocket Lab Successfully Launches First Rocket in 2021

29th Jan 2021
Rocket Lab Successfully Launches First Rocket in 2021

While 2020 saw few rocket launches due to the global pandemic, 2021 shows more good times ahead. Rocket Lab is among the first private companies to launch microsatellites into orbit. 

The event took place on 20th January at 8.26 PM Local New Zealand time. This latest mission saw the vessel carry a single microsatellite into orbit. The craft belongs to the OHB group, a company based in Europe. The satellite will offer communication services.

Rocket Lab CEO Peter Beck tweeted about the payload’s successful ascension and deployment after the successful mission. It was a good start for Rocket Lab in 2021. 

The Next Step after the Rocket Lab Microsatellite Launch

After the successful launch, the next step is setting up the satellite as it’s now safe in orbit. It will become a support system offering frequencies that benefit upcoming satellite services. 

There’s no hiding the joy that Rocket Lab is showing at the moment as they dubbed this mission “Another One Leaves the Crust.” Given its success, it is an excellent start to the year 2021 for this private company and the OHB group

This mission was number 18 for the Electron vessel, a rocket that measures 58 feet in height. It’s a crucial part of Rocket Lab’s successful missions meeting the needs of its clientele.

Rocket Lab’s first mission for the Electron occurred back in 2018, and the company proceeded to deploy payloads ever since. They’ve used an expendable vessel for now, but that won’t be the case soon due to the company’s new strategies. It’s testing ways of reusing vessels like the Electron by capturing the first stage using a helicopter. 

While larger rockets can safely land back on Earth, the same can’t be said for the Electron. Due to its size, the fuel is only enough to reach orbit but not land back on Earth. Still, in a bid to save on cost and reuse such crafts, Rocket Lab plans to recapture the vessel safely once it returns to the Earth’s atmosphere and reuse it. 

Nonetheless, Rocket Lab has made great steps to upgrade the first stage landing process. The reusable rockets will make significant changes to the space market development.

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