Rocket Factory Augsburg Opens New Production Line in Augsburg

20th Apr 2021
Rocket Factory Augsburg Opens New Production Line in Augsburg

Rocket Factory Augsburg AG and OHB SE hosted an online event dedicated to opening its new production facilities. The event has not been unnoticed by the key figures in the German aerospace industry.

Rocket Factory Augsburg & Local Authorities on Germany’s Space Potential

The Bavarian Prime Minister, Dr. Markus Söder, congratulated the company and stated that the new Rocket Factory Augsburg production facility is a major achievement for the Bavarian space industry. Söder claims that everything we do in orbit now is for ourselves. Space exploration is no longer just exploration but also sustainable use of the available resources, like agriculture and water planning. And, of course, climate monitoring and protection play a major part in this process.

Rocket Factory Augsburg shares similar beliefs. According to its CCO, Jörn Spurmann, humanity needs satellites to keep an eye on our climate. RFA’s launcher will able to deliver hundreds of those into LEO, ultimately contributing to our planet’s protection.

Rocket Factory Augsburg COO Stefan Brieschenk adds that RFA’s focus is on providing affordable launch services and making the space more accessible for their compatriots and other nations. Today, most aerospace companies are working to reduce launch costs, and Rocket Factory Augsburg is not an exception.

The newly opened production facility will help Rocket Factory Augsburg fine-tune its mass manufacturing production processes. The startup means to make use of the car-making approach for rocket manufacture. This will ensure a very cost-effective manufacturing process because many identical rocket parts will be produced on a manufacturing line. The company plans to start this process with engine and rocket prototype production. Notably, the company makes use of 3D printing technology to ensure its component parts can withstand harsh space conditions.

Jörn Spurmann also notes the supreme location of the new Rocket Factory facility. According to him, Augsburg is a great incubator and a huge attraction for innovative startups.

The Mayor of Augsburg, Eva Weber, shares this enthusiasm. She claims to be highly pleased that Rocket Factory Augsburg is staying in Augsburg because now, the city stands a chance of making space history.

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