May’s Full Moon Is Blooming: Best Photos Of Flower Moon You Don’t Want to Miss

24th May 2024
May’s Full Moon Is Blooming: Best Photos Of Flower Moon You Don’t Want to Miss

Last night, on 23rd May, the enchanting Flower Moon graced the sky. Many users have shared their images of this beautiful spectacle on their social media. If you missed it, don’t get upset: we created a collection of these images for you to enjoy the Flower Moon from all corners and aspects.

Read our article to learn more about May’s Full Flower Moon, its name, and its features.

“The full-tomorrow Flower Moon rising above this nice, red barn earlier this evening on the outskirts of Caribou, Maine,” the author has commented on this image.

Flower Moon Over Caribou, Maine. Credit: @RobWrightImages via X
flower moon in full bloom
Flower moon in full bloom. Credit: @daddo221 via X

What a nice and romantic description of the next Flower Moon image on @abc15: “Like two lovers holding hands, watching the full Flower Moon rise last night over north Phoenix. Thanks to Kevin O’Donnell for sharing this amazing shot!”

full moon and cactuses
Credit: @abc15 via X
flower moon through the trees
Credit: @kimberleeerose via X

Wednesday evening, the Flower Moon rises above the Statue of Liberty in New York City.

flower moon and New York
Credit: @GaryHershorn via X
moon and light
Credit: @theysayark via X
May's Full Moon
Credit: @RakanRel via X

The ‘Flower Moon’ makes a grand appearance over the Pacific Ocean from Ucluelet, BC, this morning.

flower moon and Pacific Ocean
Credit: @davidlmccolm via X

“The blossom of the flower moon.”

The blossom of the flower moon
Credit: @daddo221 via X
May's full moon
Credit: @NASAAmes via X

“Rising Flower Moon.”

Rising Flower Moon
Credit: @_anassaeed via X
Rising Flower Moon
Credit: @_anassaeed via X

Thank you to all photographers who have shared these amazing photos of the Flower Moon!

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