Buck Moon Astrology: How To Prepare Yourself For The Full Moon In July 2024

11th Jun 2024
Buck Moon Astrology: How To Prepare Yourself For The Full Moon In July 2024

We continue our series of articles about full moons of 2024. Today, we will tell you about the July Buck Moon and all that is related to it: Buck Moon’s meaning, date, alternative names, and what is special about it in an astrological and spiritual sense. Let’s dive into the enchanting secrets of the July full moon and take in its magic.

What does the name Buck Moon mean?

What does the name Buck Moon mean?
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Like the other 12 plenilunes of the year, Buck Moon takes its name from the customs of North American Indian tribes. Attentive natives noticed that in July, male deer shed their old antlers and grow new ones. This time symbolises the full flowering of nature and the preparation of animals for the upcoming seasonal changes.

Are there alternative July full moon names?

According to the Old Farmer Almanac, several historical names for July plenilune have come down to us. Other Native American tribes called it the Raspberry, Thunder, and Salmon Moon, which corresponds to natural seasonal phenomena in July, such as frequent thunderstorms, an abundance of wild berries, and the return of salmon after spawning.

The Celts called plenilune in July Claiming, Wyrt or Herb Moon in honour of the July harvest of herbs (or wyrts), which they then dried and used as spices and medicines. And for the Anglo-Saxons, this was the period of collecting and storing hay, so they called it “Hay moon.”

When is the Buck Plenilune in 2024?

Even though Buck Full Moon always occurs in July, its dates are constantly changing. In 2024, it will reign in the sky on July 21, at 10:17 UTC. In 2023, the event fell on July 3, and in 2025, we will be able to observe it on July 10.

This happens because the lunar phases are constantly shifting due to the orbital movement of our satellite around the Earth. The celestial body makes a complete revolution around the Earth in approximately 29.5 days, which is called a sidereal month. During this time, the sunlit side of our satellite gradually becomes visible from Earth to varying degrees, which creates different phases.

These are the moon phases for July 2024:

  • New Moon: July 5.
  • First Quarter: July 13.
  • Full Moon: July 21.
  • Last Quarter: July 28.

To discover what time is the Buck Moon tonight, open the Sky Tonight app, and to take a beautiful photo of the phenomenon, use the Ephemeris app, which will help you create the perfect frame composition.

Нow long does the Buck Moon last?

In astronomy, plenilune is the moment when the lunar disk is fully illuminated by the Sun. This state lasts only a few seconds, after which the Full Moon immediately begins to wane. But to the naked eye, these changes become noticeable after about two days. So you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy July plenilune in all its glory. You just need to choose a place away from light pollution, equip yourself with good optics, and hope for cloudless weather.

What is the Buck Moon colour?

When observing plenilune, we can sometimes see that the lunar disk takes on different shades, and Buck Moon is no exception. Why does it happen?

Usually when our satellite is reflecting sunlight, it appears white or yellow in the sky. However, environmental factors can change its appearance. For example, if there are smoke particles in the atmosphere due to forest fires, Moon may appear ominously bloody to us. This occurs because smoke particles block the shorter wavelengths of the yellow, blue, and green spectrum, whole allowing the longer wavelengths of red and orange to pass through.

A similar colour effect is observed when our satellite hangs low above the horizon, and we see it through denser layers of the atmosphere, refracting the reflected rays of the sun. So, although our closest neighbour itself does not change its colour, the light it reflects can take on different shades as it passes through Earth’s atmospheric filters.

What is special about the Buck Moon?

From a scientific point of view, plenilune in July is only one of the thirteen in a year. Sometimes it can coincide with a supermoon, and then the lunar disk seems larger than usual in the sky. However, this happens rarely, once every few years. We could see a super Buck Moon in 2023, but now we will have to wait a long time for it.

What does the Buck Moon mean spiritually?

Astrologers are convinced that plenilune affects people in a special way, and this time should be used to change our lives for the better. In July, deer shed its antlers to grow new ones and this process is seen as a metaphor for personal growth and transformation. So, we, too, must let go of the old patterns and beliefs in order to grow and develop. Thus, Buck Moon is a kind of rubicon between the old and new life, which we are given an opportunity to cross. Let’s find out how to do this best and which factors contribute to the change.

What sign is the Buck Moon in?

The Buck Moon 2024 is in the sign of Capricorn, which is ruled by the Saturn planet. Moon in Capricorn emphasises discipline and practicality. As you know, Capricorn is quite ambitious and, no matter what moves towards one’s goal. At the same time, it speaks of the ability to wait and without making any impulsive actions.

What does the full Buck Moon mean for each zodiac sign?

Buck Moon in Astrology
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During this period, your career may captivate you, but do not forget about your family. By devoting too much time and energy to work, you risk not only overwork but also strained relationships with loved ones. Use Buck Moon to restore your work-life balance.


This is a time of your stability and ability to accept discomfort as part of the growth process. Try to find a balance between material desires and emotional needs. Stay true to your nature of being patient, reliable, and open to change, but don’t let perfectionism hold you back.


For you, the July full moon symbolises a time of communication and connection. You may find that you are more outgoing and curious than usual, as well as eager to learn and exchange ideas. Embrace your adaptability and use your communication skills to strengthen understanding and build relationships.


This is a period of introspection and emotional clarity for you. You can delve into your feelings, taking care of your emotional well-being, personal growth, and creating a positive environment for yourself and your loved ones. Embrace your intuitive nature and nurture your inner world with the same compassion you show others.


This period is likely to bring you a surge of energy that will encourage you to showcase your talents and passions. You can find yourself in the spotlight and take responsibility for your destiny and the destiny of others, showing your natural leadership qualities. But remember to balance the need for recognition with the desire to contribute to personal and collective development.


For you, this is a time of new experiences, creativity, and love. Start or continue a recent hobby, and don’t be shy about new romantic adventures; you may meet a special person. And if you’re no longer single, think about how you can inject some passion into your dynamic ‘self.’


July plenilune will inspire you to accept and even seek out challenges as opportunities for personal development. You will experience a need for harmony in your relationships and a desire to create balance in all areas of your life. Use your natural diplomatic skills to gracefully navigate any discomfort and find strength in your ability to adapt and grow.


For you, this is a period of transformation and deep emotional experiences. Embrace change and delve into the depths of your emotions to discover hidden truths. Try to let go of what no longer serves you and focus on your personal growth and rebirth. Use your intuition to overcome challenges and truly understand your deepest desires and motives.


This is a time of adventure and exploration for you. You will probably seek new experiences and broaden your horizons. However, this period can bring feelings of restlessness, encouraging you to break free from routine and embrace the unknown. Trust your instincts and be open to the lessons you learn.


For you, this is a time to manifest and reflect on your hard work. It’s time to embrace your inner strength and focus on personal transformation. Use your ambition and persistence, accepting any discomfort as a necessary part of your growth process. However, avoid getting caught up in your ego and losing sight of your values.


After the June Strawberry Moon, which has set you on a path of emotional cleansing and release from burdens that weighed you down, Buck Moon brings peace and clarity to your life. This is a time for self-healing and solitude where you can experience the lightness of being. Trust this process.


The July plenilune focuses on your eleventh sign, which is associated with communication and social contacts, emphasising the importance of teamwork and partnerships in achieving goals. This is the second full lunar phase in Capricorn this year, which could mean the end of a group project or changes in friendships. This is the perfect time to strengthen your connections and create relationships that will help you achieve your ambitions.

Common tips on the Buck Moon

The significance of the Buck Moon is special for each sign of the Zodiac, but they all have one thing in common: its energy encourages reflection on and pursuit of life goals. 

You need to use your full potential, like the fullness of horns, to take a step towards your spiritual purpose and break away from the practices, thought patterns, and habits that are holding you back from your fullest self. Start by giving yourself a fasting day, rest, put your house and thoughts in order, let go of old grievances and defeats. This will help you listen to your intuition and focus on the process of personal development, choosing the best strategy for further action.

Buck Moon rituals (use at your own risk)

Сelebrate the Blessing Moon with divination and dream work
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People who believe in astrology, and there are many of them, sometimes resort to various Buck Moon spells and rituals that have come to us since ancient times to achieve their goals. Here are some magical practices that you may be interested in and might want to try out.

Blessing moon spell 

This ritual symbolises reconnecting with Mother Earth to thank her for her gifts. Begin the ritual at dusk by filling the space with fresh flowers and lighting burgundy and/or green candles. Stir the spring water in a clear glass bowl with your finger in a clockwise direction.

Take the bowl outside or to a window where you can see the full moon. Raise the bowl so that the moon is visible through the water and proclaim: “You who have been known by many names, and have shed your light on our Earth since time began, bless us with the bounty of the field and the vine”.

Watch the moonlight glint on the water as you swirl it around the bowl. Finally, pour the water back onto the ground or into the source from which it was taken.

Meditation for large goals 

Buck Plenilune power is believed to help one reflect on goals and dreams, especially spiritual ones, and prepare for success in achieving those goals.

For effective meditation, create a calm atmosphere in a private, quiet place with no electronic devices or other distractions. Choose incense and candles that match your aspirations: for example, patchouli and green candles for attracting wealth, jasmine and pink candles for love. Sit back and focus on the desired outcome. Feel the joy of achieving it, imagine how it will change your life. Sincerely wish it, visualise your dream and release your desire into space.

Plenilune magic for everyone

Plenilune magic
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Even our distant ancestors considered plenilune a time of getting rid of the old and the arrival of the new. These traditions have been preserved to this day. It doesn’t matter if you believe in the magic of the full Buck Moon or not, use this time to renew your life, rethink your actions, work on your mistakes, make plans for the future, and implement those plans. And then the magic will definitely work. Perhaps not now, but later. After all, you have at least 13 attempts a year)

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