A Sturgeon Moon: an Enchanting Symbol of the August Night Sky

22nd May 2024
A Sturgeon Moon: an Enchanting Symbol of the August Night Sky

Every month, we can observe a full moon — an astonishingly beautiful phenomenon in the night sky. But did you know that each full moon has its name, which came to us from ancient people? In this article, we will talk about the August plenilune, which is known as the Sturgeon Moon. 

When is the full moon in August 2024, how will it affect us, and what is the Sturgeon Moon’s spiritual meaning? Find the answers to these and other questions below.

What Does a Sturgeon Moon Mean?

full Sturgeon Moon
Credit: almanac.com

According to the American magazine The Old Farmer’s Almanac, most of the full moon’s names came to us from Native American Indians. They did not have calendars like the ones we use nowadays, so they lived according to the lunar cycle and gave all lunar periods special names. 

The full moon in August is called Sturgeon Moon because, at this time of year, sturgeon in the Great Lakes and Lake Champlain in the northeastern United States rose from deep waters to shallow waters, making them easy prey for fishermen and promising them a rich catch.

Is There Another Name For Sturgeon Moon?

There are many other names for August plenilune, which reflect the traditions of various peoples worldwide. This is especially true for agricultural customs since, for many nationalities, the last summer month is the season of ripening and harvesting, which also signals the approach of the cold season and the need to use food supplies wisely. Here are some alternative names for the celestial phenomenon that have survived to this day:

Rice Moon 

Credit: freepik

For the Anishinaabe peoples, historically native to the forests of North America and Canada, August plenilune symbolised the beginning of the wild rice harvest, an important source of food and cultural heritage. This period was accompanied by communal rituals and ceremonies expressing respect for the land and its gifts.

Green Corn Moon

This name, given by the Cherokee Indians, meant that the corn crop had reached the stage where it could be eaten directly from the cob. After plenilune, the corn kernels became hard and required processing before consumption. The corn harvest was not only a practical but also a spiritual event, symbolising the abundance and fertility of the land, and was accompanied by community celebrations and rituals.

Grain Moon 

The name refers to the harvest season of different grains such as wheat, oats, and barley, traditionally harvested in August. It highlights the importance of these crops for sustaining life and reflects the diligence and dedication of farmers who grow valuable crops.

Lightning Moon 

This alternative name for the “Sturgeon plenilune” symbolises the frequent thunderstorms and lightning that occur in Northern Europe in late summer. The “Lightning” name reminds people of the power of nature and its destructive potential.

Swan Flight Moon

Swan Flight Moon
Credit: Nikolyn McDonald

For the Inuit in the northern plains of Canada, Alaska and Chukotka, August plenilune was associated with watching young birds as they learned to spread their wings and fly. The Inuit called it “Moon when young ducks begin to fly,” but the more poetic name “Swan Flight Moon” has survived to this day.

Hungry Ghost Moon

In Chinese Daoism, the seventh month of the Lunar calendar (occurring in July or August) is considered a time when spirits roam freely on the Earth. Plenilune marks the beginning of the Hungry Ghost Festival, a traditional festival dedicated to honouring ancestors and appeasing spirits. During this period, the Chinese and other eastern peoples hold family feasts and pray for the souls of their deceased relatives.

Red Moon

This name arose because of the red colour that our celestial satellite sometimes acquires during its sunrise or sunset in a humid atmosphere. However, it is not very common, since a similar phenomenon, better known as Blood Moon, can be observed at any time of the year.

What Is the Best Time to See the Full Moon in August 2024?

The 2024 Sturgeon Plenilune will appear in the sky on August 19th. The best time to see this magnificence is 18:26 GMT. Normally the lunar disk appears full during the night, but technically, the phenomenon only peaks for an instant — at the moment, the satellite is opposite the Sun relative to Earth. So, if you want to see the real Sturgeon Moon, you should go outside at the indicated time. Remember that the visibility of a celestial body can be affected by local weather conditions and light pollution, so find a spot with clear skies and minimal artificial light and enjoy the view!

Is the Sturgeon Moon a Supermoon?

supermoon and micromoon
Supermoon vs micromoon. Credit:calendarr.com

Supermoon refers to the moment when our satellite is within 90% of perigee, the closest point in its orbit to Earth, making it appear larger and brighter in the sky. Supermoons occur 2–4 times a year and can sometimes coincide with a Sturgeon plenilune. But this doesn’t happen every August. Still, we have been lucky for three years in a row. We could see supermoons on 12 August 2022 and 1 August 2023, and we will also see one this year.  We suggest that you do not miss this amazing show because the next Sturgeon Supermoon will take place only in 2031!

What Is the Sturgeon Supermoon Effect?

To date, there is no scientifically proven evidence of the physical effects of plenilune and supermoon on people. Although the latter may cause slightly stronger tides, the difference from normal tides is small, amounting to only a few centimetres. That is, the gravitational effect of a supermoon on a person is almost imperceptible.

However, according to cultural and folklore beliefs, these phenomena can influence human behaviour and emotions. Some people note that, during plenilunes, they feel more emotional, their sleep patterns are disturbed, and headaches occur, but there is no scientific evidence for such claims.

Thus, any effects you may feel in the sturgeon and any other supermoon are probably caused by your personal beliefs or psychological factors rather than by changing lunar phases.

Especially if you are into astrology, which assigns plenilunes a big part in our lives.

Sturgeon Moon Meaning In Astrology

Full moon ritual
Credit: witchyspiritualstuff.com

In astrology, August plenilune is associated with energy culmination, process completion, and shedding light on things that were hidden.

The celestial phenomenon is believed to influence mood and intuition, increasing sensitivity and emotional reactions. This time can be used for harmony with nature, meditation, reflection, and liberation from outdated habits or beliefs.

Plenilune in August is also associated with financial prosperity and material stability since in August, nature generously shares its fruits. Astrologers suggest using these days for mobilising life and material resources and making plans for the future.

Sturgeon Moon Rituals

According to old beliefs, rituals and spells can help harness the energy of plenilune for personal growth and spiritual renewal. From a scientific point of view, this is nothing but a moon-related myth; still, the power of self-hypnosis can sometimes work wonders.

Here are some popular Sturgeon moon spells and rituals people practise:

Meditation With the Elements

It is a practice used to connect with water, fire, air, and earth. It is recommended to be outdoors under the moonlight and focus on breathing as you imagine the air filling you with a sense of authenticity and freedom.

Creating a Collective Vision Board

During plenilune, when the community energy is especially strong, you can get together with friends and create a vision board on which everyone will post images and words that reflect their sincere desires and aspirations.

Magic Ritual

This ritual involves using a black candle to break bad habits. The colour black helps dissolve negative energies. During the ritual, you write down the habit you want to get rid of on a piece of paper, then burn it, and imagine as everything that weighs you down leaves your life.

Protection Spell From Negative Energies And Influences

To cast a spell, choose a quiet place (it could be your garden or a secluded corner in your home), draw a circle around you and place 4 lighted candles around it, representing the 4 elements: fire, water, air, and earth. Focus on your intentions and say the spell words, which can be as simple as “I call upon protection” or more complex and personal. Imagine an impenetrable barrier forming around you and reflecting all negativity. Leave the candles burning until they burn out naturally, sealing your protection.

Prosperity Spell

This ritual is similar to the previous one, but you will need an altar and a green candle. Place symbols of wealth and success, or images that reflect your goals, on the altar. Light a candle and imagine how wealth comes to you. Say a spell like “I open the doors to abundance” or your own customised version. Visualise abundance and feel the gratitude. Let the candle burn down to solidify your intentions.

Try the power of Sturgeon Moon witchcraft and see if it helps you in your affairs. But keep in mind that all rituals should be performed with respect to nature and the people around you.

What Will the Sturgeon Moon 2024 Bring?

Full Moon 2024
Credit: bejandaruwalla.com

So, now that you know what is a Sturgeon Moon, all that’s left is to summarise what this unique phenomenon of the last summer month will grant us.

  • Rich catch of fish. It is believed that during the August full moon, fishing luck increases, especially when catching sturgeon. And the fishermen will probably agree with this.
  • Harvest: August plenilune is favourable for rich grain harvest, which is traditionally harvested at this time of year, stocking up on food for the fall and winter.
  • Energy and growth. Some people believe that this time brings increased energy, which promotes growth and development, and this belief helps them cope with life’s difficulties.
  • Personal endeavours. Plenilune is often an incentive to start new projects or important endeavours, as it is believed to bring good luck and success.

These signs are passed down from generation to generation, which means they probably work. You can check this for yourself by observing the August full moon 2024 in the night sky. Let’s recall that the event will take place on 19 August and will coincide with the Supermoon, so don’t miss it. The show will be truly amazing.

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