Best Astrophotos Of The Week: Moon Halo, Delta Heavy Rocket’s Last Launch, And More [12-19 April]

19th Apr 2024
Best Astrophotos Of The Week: Moon Halo, Delta Heavy Rocket’s Last Launch, And More [12-19 April]

In a fresh selection of the best astrophotos of the past week, immerse yourself in the wonders of space and Earth with us! Each best astrophoto is the result of the efforts of talented amateur photographers on social media, so we congratulate them on their skill and enjoy their work!

Among them, you will find the iconic Milky Way from different corners of the Earth, an incredible Moon halo, an impressive shot of the last flight of the superheavy rocket Delta, and much more.

Milky Way Over the North California Coast

Milky Way over Northern Cali coast
Credit: Abhijit C Patil

The photographer shared his story of get out to make this image: “The Northern Cali coast is full of hidden treasures. Every beach is a gem if you know how to find the right places. One of my friends took me to this coastal treasure. It’s unbelievably beautiful! It was worth getting my shoes and socks wet while crossing a small stream. And this was also my first time shooting a full Northern arc Milky way landscape.”

Ghost Of Cassiopeia Best Astrophoto

Ghost of Cassiopeia
Credit: @JasonCoonAstro

“These veils of ionized hydrogen gas are being eroded by the intense solar wind of the massive star Gamma Cassiopeia,” explained @JasonCoonAstro

Milky Way Over Bryce Canyon In Utah

Milky Way Over Bryce Canyon In Utah
Credit: Chris Fotache

“On a family trip to Bryce (and other national parks), I went at 4 am to a viewpoint and had the most amazing view of the Milky Way in my life. I live on a polluted East Coast, and you can rarely see it with the naked eye, so this was mind-boggling to me. If I tried hard enough, I could’ve probably shot it on my cell phone. I had a short window between MWrise and moonrise (you can see the moon to the left), so I didn’t have enough time to experiment with too many settings,” Chris Fotache has told on his Facebook.

M42 Nebula And Region

M42 Nebula And Region
Credit: @jensp24

“M42 – The great nebula & region. RGB composite 5x300s each channel. Post-processed with AstroPixelProcessor & Photoshop,” the author described his astrophoto on X.

Moon Halo Best Astrophoto

Moon Halo
Credit: BN Astro Branko Nađ

“One of the biggest Moon halos I’ve ever seen and photographed. Filmed in the magical Fanal pine forest in beautiful Madeira. Fanal really looks “out of this world”, and while you are walking among those centuries-old trees, you have the feeling that you are at a gathering of Ents from Lord of the Rings.”

I spent the night in this forest, taking pictures of the stars and the Milky Way, and while I was waiting for the Moon to move out of the frame and no longer diminish the light of the stars with its own light, it was as if He knew he had to pose for me. And this memorable photo was created, which I am very happy and proud to share with you”, the photographer BN Astro Branko Nađ wrote on Facebook.

Hercules Cluster Best Astrophoto

Hercules Cluster
Credit: @AbelBorrasca

“It seems incredible, it’s really hard to believe, but when you look closely at this agglomeration of stars and observe the depth and brightness concentrated in its core, I think the universe is something fascinating!!!” @AbelBorrasca has written, and we absolutely agree!

Milky Way Over Damavand Peak

Milky Way Over Damavand Peak
Credit: Saeid Parchini

“Three days ago, I decided to go to the slopes of Damavand Peak (the highest mountain in Iran) in order to record a night sky photo. The route I found on Google Earth was the target location for my photography. After hours of driving, I reached the beginning of the mountain trail and spent a few hours climbing to the location. Before sunset, I camped, and after resting for a while, I started to take photos immediately after the Milky Way sunrise. According to my plan, the Milky Way was in symmetry with Mount Damavand. With the use of a tracker and 20-minute exposure, more details were obtained from the Milky Way and Mount Damavand,” the photographer has shared his memories.

Endless Galaxies Best Astrophoto

Endless Galaxies
Credit: Daniel Greenwood

“A photo I captured and created during a trip down the Oregon Coast a few years back. Endless galaxies,” Daniel Greenwood has written on his Facebook.

Last Launch Of The Delta IV Heavy

last launch of the Delta IV heavy
Credit: Thomas Lynch

“Photo of the last launch of the Delta IV heavy lift by the United Launch Alliance today from Jetty Park, Florida,” the author has written about the 10th April event.

Milky Way Over Castelluccio Di Norcia

Milky Way over Castelluccio di Norcia
Credit: Giuseppe Fioretti

Castelluccio di Norcia is a charming village nestled in the Apennine Mountains of the Umbria region in central Italy. And what makes it twice more charming is the gorgeous Milky Way that extends above it!

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