Skyrora Handpicks 6 Engineering Students to Pursue Space Careers with its Team

12th Nov 2021
Skyrora Handpicks 6 Engineering Students to Pursue Space Careers with its Team

Edinburgh-based aerospace company, Skyrora, has handpicked six university graduates willing to pursue space careers. In total, the company has received over a thousand applications, so the competition was fierce. However, most students who received a job with the company believe the competition makes the experience even more meaningful and rewarding.

Space Careers Applicants on the Opportunity

While Skyrora received 1000+ applications, the assessment day hosted around a hundred graduates, so the ‘screening’ process was very thorough. According to one of the competition winners, Amy Markham from an Aeronautical Engineering major from the University of Glasgow, the assessment was very demanding. It included several aptitude tests and speed interviews, which were very high-paced. Amy believes this was one of the most challenging assessments she’s been through so far and is very pleased to have got such a high-profile job.

Another competition winner — Conor Melens with Aero-Mechanical Engineering degree from Strathclyde — is equally happy about Skyrora’s decision. Conor has already spent some time working for Rolls-Royce Nuclear but says that he always dreamt of working in the space industry. So, when Conor saw Skyrora’s space careers posting, he jumped at the opportunity and is now very happy to be on board.

Dr Jack James Marlow, Head of Engineering at Skyrora, is equally optimistic about the assessment, stating that the company now has ‘six brilliant young talents’ on its team.

Skyrora & Its Part in the UK Space Industry

It is not surprising that so many students tried applying to Skyrora as this Scottish company is undeniably one of the leading companies in the UK space market. The young company is one of Britain’s most innovative space businesses, working on eco-friendly rocket fuel, reusable rockets, and even vehicles tasked with removing space debris. Right now, Skyrora hopes to become the first company to launch a rocket from UK soil, so a space career within this promising start-up is bound to be both rewarding and exciting.

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