9 Best Astrophotos Of This Week: Planet Conjunction, Falcon-9 Launch and More!

11th Mar 2024
9 Best Astrophotos Of This Week: Planet Conjunction, Falcon-9 Launch and More!

Have you seen a breathtaking view of two planets appearing together in the night sky? What about the launch of the rocket leaving a visual phenomenon, a spiral, behind it? And the new perspectives of well-known celestial objects: Horsehead and Flame Nebulae, Andromeda Galaxy, and others? If not, no problem: we gathered fresh collections of the Best astrophotos of the week made by amateur photographers on social media: check them out below!

Venus-Jupiter Conjunction Astrophoto

Scientists call the rare case when you can see two planets of the Solar System together with the naked eye the Venus-Jupiter conjunction. Venus and Jupiter are both very bright and easily visible in the night sky. Petr Horálek has shared a stunning astrophoto of this phenomenon “after such colourful dusk over Thoddoo Island appears.”

Venus-Jupiter conjunction
Image Credit: Petr Horálek Photography

Falcon-9 Rocket Launch

Orla Joelsen has Shawn a great shot of the Falcon-9 rocket that occurred last week, made by Helena Berthelsen. In it, we can see a spiral that appeared in the sky during it—you can read about it here.

Falcon-9 launch
Image Credit: Orla Joelsen

Horsehead And Flame Nebulae Astrophoto

Clint Shimer has taken an astrophoto of amazing Horsehead and Flame Nebulae. “Captured [this astrophoto] in my backyard from a heavy light polluted Bortle 9 zone in Houston, Texas,” – he wrote.

Horsehead and Flame Nebulae
Image Credit: Clint Shimer

Andromeda Galaxy Astrophoto

“2 nights spent on this beautiful target now. With a result like this, you forget about the frustrations!” – Vicki @Superlunarchick has shared her excitement about her astrophoto of the iconic Andromeda Galaxy.

Andromeda Galaxy
Image Credit: @Superlunarchick

Carina Nebula Astrophoto

The Carina Nebula is a stunning and massive interstellar cloud of gas and dust located in the constellation of the same name. @Sunny Crisp has shared his beautiful view of it—great job!

Carina Nebula
Image Credit: Sunny Crisp

Moon: New Perspective

An unusual perspective of the Moon: “Have you ever caught the moon?” – @Starbase Surfer asks.

Moon Caught
Image Credit: Starbase Surfer

SpaceX Crew-8 First Stage Returns To Earth

This astrophoto represents the SpaceX Crew-8 separation stage when the first stage rocket separates and returns to Earth. “This was one of the most colourful and spectacular stage separations I’ve photographed!” – Edward Saternus wrote.

SpaceX Crew-8
Image Credit: Ed Saternus

Taurus Molecular Cloud Astrophoto

The Taurus Molecular Cloud is unique and interesting for several reasons. It hosts a significant population of low-mass stars that are smaller and less massive than our Sun and provides valuable insights into the formation of stars across a range of masses. And still, it is visually stunning!

Taurus molecular cloud
Image Credit: M.Wilson_Astrophotography

Stars View Over Earth

A magical view of the stars “growing” from the tree naturally connects with the amazing colours of the sky and mountains in this astrophoto – a moment frozen in time!

Stars view over Earth
Image Credit: Giulio Cobianchi

Stay inspired and tuned for our next collection of the Best astrophotos. Many thanks to all photographers who share their art on social media!

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