Space Chain and Elecnor DEIMOS Partner to Create Blockchain-Payment Service and Credit Management System

29th Oct 2020
Space Chain and Elecnor DEIMOS Partner to Create Blockchain-Payment Service and Credit Management System

Being a specialist in engineering systems, navigating satellites, and integrating satellites, Elecnor DEIMOS is the perfect partner. Together with SpaceChain LTD, they aim to conceptualize e-commerce platform Bes which will utilize the Blockchain systems. 

SpaceChain is in charge of developing the required network that provides open and decentralized buying and utilization. 

Such an ambitious concept requires funding, which begs the question, who has made the decision to fund the project?

Who is Funding the Elecnor DEIMOS Partnership with SpaceChain?

Elecnor DEIMOS is the leading entity in this partnership currently sponsored by the ESA (European Space Agency). Once established, those residing in Europe will benefit from the E-commerce services they intend to offer. This shall be accomplished by equilibrating such services and ensuring they remain transparent. 

The idea is to further avail Earth Observation services through the Store4EO services to many other industries. Apart from industries, the same shall be provided to the general public and the public sectors. With that, utilizing these Earth Observation services shall be a way of life. 

Furthermore, the idea is hailed as a critical milestone while uncovering how crucial e-commerce can be. This leads to Earth Observation services being commercially available, as stated by the SpaceChain UK director, Nick Trudgen. 

Elecnor DEIMOS has a vast understanding of space and leads the industry in terms of engineering solutions. With their partnership with SpaceChain, they can deliver the best customer experiences coupled with reliable solutions. 

Increase in the Store4EO Concept leading to more Interest in the Elecnor DEIMOS Partnership

Equally important is the increasing number of businesses embracing the concept of Blockchain technology coupled with Earth Observation services. With each case, Blockchain incorporation obtains better integration with space technology. 

This redefines the customer experience of Earth Observation services, making the Elecnor DEIMOS Partnership even more successful. Additionally, the partnership means they’re getting closer to achieving better access to Earth Observation systems and information to the general public. 

Such a target will ensure they attain the set goal of providing a better market for Earth Observation services. This will, in the future, enable these services to tackle issues that once hindered the industry.

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