PLD Space Closes Its Financing Window after a 7 Million Euro Investment for Future Projects

23rd Sep 2020
PLD Space Closes Its Financing Window after a 7 Million Euro Investment for Future Projects

The Spanish Space company PLD Space is the brilliant brand behind the MIURA 5 smallsat launcher. This craft has the sole purpose of providing a commercial service to the world’s fast-growing small satellite sector. 

The company started almost a decade ago in 2011. PLD Space is a space technology and operational demonstrator with merit all over the world.

Purpose of the PLD Space Funding

PLD Space funding is intended to steer forward the launch of the MIURA 1 to facilitate better operational odds for the MIURA 5.

The MIURA 5 will have the capability to carry a maximum of 100kg worth of payload under zero gravity surroundings. These payloads are to fall back to earth after data on scientific research is collected and this will be used to boost the country’s scientific research sector years and years ahead.

PLD Space Succeed In Obtaining Funding

The company’s funds drive has attained approximately 18 million euros up to this date. This is exceptional as most of the investors are private individuals and institutions. Arcano Partners are a huge part of this success, seeing the closure of the PLD space funding window.

Arcano partners’ input was very much appreciated by Raul Verdu, the fundraiser’s facilitator, who mentioned in a statement that the success of this PLD space funding is the first of many future deals.

The Arcano Partners Asset and Capital Managing Partner, Mr. Jon Garaiyurrebaso Eguia, retaliated with congratulatory comments that they were pleased to participate in the project. In that same statement, he points out that PLD Space shows significant potential in increasing astronomical research, which will lead to valuable growth of the space sector for the next ten years.

Arcano is a financially based company with deep-rooted knowledge in investment banking, asset management and wealth management. Their role in this project was entirely financial, it was their forte and they did an exceptional job. Now they are a proud part of the development of space travel and research. Their collaboration with PLD Space diversifies their services even further.

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