“Green Flash” Over England: A Meteor Was Seen in the Sky Above Lincolnshire, UK (VIDEO)

19th Feb 2024
“Green Flash” Over England: A Meteor Was Seen in the Sky Above Lincolnshire, UK (VIDEO)

Social media users report about seeing a meteor over Lincoln, London, Leicester and some other UK cities. People say it was moving from southwest to northeast, on Monday, 19th February. According to witnesses, a trail of plasma and a bright green flash were seen in the evening sky at around 5.40 pm local time.

It’s not yet clear what meteor people saw in the sky or whether it was just space debris.

There are already a few videos confirming the meteor.

On X (Twitter) user Catt @CattNKaboodle posted a video from their dashcam footage (as seen below), saying: “Meteor?” and added: “Saw this evening in Grantham, Lincolnshire.”

Grantham, Lincolnshire. Credit: @CattNKaboodle
Rotherham, South Yorkshire. Credit: @W9_Whisky

The official account of BBC East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire also just posted an update on meteor, compiling videos from different areas of the UK.

Credit: @looknorthBBC

“An utterly beautiful, surreal moment,” people comment on X (Twitter).

What’s a meteor?

Meteors are an atmospheric phenomenon, which we also call “shooting stars“. However, the stars have nothing to do with it. When a meteoroid (a celestial body intermediate in size between cosmic dust and an asteroid), fragments of comets or asteroids enter our atmosphere at high speed, they become very hot and begin to glow, leaving a clearly visible trace.

This phenomenon lasts from fractions of a second to several minutes. If there are many falling fragments, this phenomenon is called a star or meteor shower. Their size is usually very small (from 1 to a few mm or cm). As a rule, meteors burn out completely before reaching the surface of our planet. A similar phenomenon of high intensity is called a bolide.

This is a developing story: We’ll update the situation as we learn more. Stay tuned!

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