Birmingham Sky Lit Up by Spectacular Meteor Fall [VIDEO]

4th Jan 2024
Birmingham Sky Lit Up by Spectacular Meteor Fall [VIDEO]

An extraordinary sight illuminated Europe’s skies this past Saturday, 30th December. An impressive fireball meteor dazzled observers with its colourful brilliance across the United Kingdom and France.

Meteor blazes across the sky in Birmingham

At 2:07 a.m. in Birmingham, England, a breathtaking blue flash streaked through the darkness, captured in a video showcasing the meteor’s dramatic passage. The streak happened a week after the Royal Museums Greenwich stated the Ursid meteor shower peaked.

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The International Meteor Organization (IMO) was inundated with over 100 reports from various regions of England, Scotland, Wales, and France of this stunning fireball. A trove of more than a dozen videos shared with the IMO vividly captured flash, with witnesses describing it as “beautiful and bright,” some noting its striking green hue – a characteristic caused by components in the burning metallic meteors interacting with Earth’s atmosphere.


NASA defines a fireball as an exceptionally bright meteor reaching a visual magnitude of 3 or brighter for observers. These meteoric events can exceed one meter in size, with those that explode in the atmosphere termed bolides.

Amidst this celestial marvel, don’t forget that the ongoing Quadrantids meteor shower is set to peak on January 4. Renowned for its potential strength, the Quadrantids usually offer up to 120 meteors per hour.

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