The Best Space Photos Of This Week: Stunning Aurora, Moon Photo, Milky Way Photo And More

16th Feb 2024
The Best Space Photos Of This Week: Stunning Aurora, Moon Photo, Milky Way Photo And More

We continue sharing the most stunning astrophotos made by amateur photographers on social media. Our fresh collection covers not only celestial bodies but amazing earthly views combined with the night sky, auroras, the Moon and others. Get ready to be thrilled by the best astrophotos of the week!

“Top lights in the lighthouse” by Josema FRoel

This astrophoto won our hearts with the combination of heavenly light from the stars and the earthly light of the lighthouse!

Top lights in the lighthouse
Image Credit: Josema FRoel

The Aurora and Milky Way by Mia Stålnacke

Last week was rich in auroras. The northern lights in this astrophoto envelops the small human figure, creating an incredible effect. Image yourself in her place. It seems you can watch it for hours without moving!

Aurora by Mia Stålnacke
Image Credit: Mia Stålnacke

Cometary Globule 4 by Nik Nax

Cometary Globule 4 (CG4), also known as the “Hand of God,” is a dark nebula located in the southern constellation Puppis. A dark nebula, composed of dense, cold gas and dust, obscures the light from stars, creating ethereal cosmic silhouettes against the backdrop of brighter celestial objects!

Cometary Globule 4
Image Credit: Nik Nax

Michael Jäger’s Comet

Comets have indeed captivated human imagination for centuries. In this astrophoto, the spectacle of a bright comet with a prominent tail looks very mythical and magical in surrounding of stars.

Michael Jäger's Comet
Image Credit: Michael Jäger

First Quarter Moon After Sunset by Jonathan Panlaqui

This image of Moon with its unclear outlines and soft colors looks like a piece of art created by a talented painter, doesn’t it?

Jonathan Panlaqui's Moon
Image Credit: Jonathan Panlaqui

Nairn Beach northern lights by Graham Ross

One more spectacle of Aurora from Nairn Beach – also looking like a painting of a peaceful, calm evening near the sea…

Northern lights by Graham Ross
Image Credit: Graham Ross

The Boogeyman Nebula by Jarrod Koh

The Boogeyman Nebula in the constellation Orion – a shadowy outline against the backdrop of the bloody-red star-filled space.

The Boogeyman Nebula
Image Credit: Jarrod Koh

Damian Peach’s Eskimo Nebula

Eskimo Nebula – a planetary nebula located in the constellation Gemini. It resembles a face surrounded by a fur parka, resembling an Eskimo or Inuit person. A visually striking astronomical phenomenon!

Esckimo Nebula
Image Credit: Damian Peach

We hope you enjoy this collection of astrophotos that much as we do! Ad we are grateful to all astrophotographers sharing their inspiration with wide audience! Stay tuned for the upcoming collections next week.

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