Aerojet and Blue Origin Collaborate with NASA on 2 Space Innovation Projects

23rd Nov 2020
Aerojet and Blue Origin Collaborate with NASA on 2 Space Innovation Projects

NASA has over 20 projects underway with its current collaboration with companies such as Blue Origin. The projects are part of its STMD (Space Technology Mission Directorate) and are all under Space Act Agreements. 

All the projects won’t require any funding and the companies involved are not expected to gain financially. However, Blue Origin and others will benefit greatly from the expertise that only NASA can deliver. Also, there are testing services that it will offer, and these are currently valued at $15.5 million. 

Jim Reuter, Associate administrator for space technology at NASA, acknowledged that advancements in space technology couldn’t happen in a vacuum environment. With that in mind, NASA is ready and willing to offer assistance to all companies involved in this industry. 

NASA Offers Full Support to all 20 Companies Including Blue Origin

All companies can rest easy knowing that they have the full support of NASA. It doesn’t matter if they’re pursuing personal goals or creating technology that they later intend to share with the organisation. 

As for Blue Origin, there are two current projects that they are  partnering on with NASA. On the one hand, there’s a project that intends to create operating systems meant for space robots. For this to work, they must rely on open source software while also being cost-efficient. Furthermore, these are intended to be autonomous and must operate smoothly with other space systems. 

As for the other project, Blue Origin is tasked with creating better engines in terms of their design. They shall accomplish this by taking advantage of metal additive techniques that many manufacturers are now utilizing. Blue Origin must use this 3D printing method for efficient energy utilisation, correct weight and better production.

Moreover, the project must be as cost-effective as possible and the company shall partner with NASA’s MSFC (Marshall Space Flight Centre). 

Other companies have collaborations with different branches of NASA. Aerojet, for example, is tasked with creating a hybrid propellant dubbed the ‘Green’ liquid meant for small space crafts. The fluid is intended to reduce levels of toxicity in comparison to other fuel sources.

This Aerojet project continues work previously started by NASA and other organisations. Together with the Blue Origin and NASA projects, space technology is definitely going to experience large advancements in the near future. 

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