Skyrora CEO Volodymyr Levykin speaks about climate and space tech at Web Summit 2023

28th Nov 2023
Skyrora CEO Volodymyr Levykin speaks about climate and space tech at Web Summit 2023

On 15 November, Volodymyr Levykin, the Chief Executive Officer of Skyrora, spoke at Web Summit 2023. His main focus was largely centred around exploring ways to reduce the impact of launching rockets on the climate.

Utilizing Unrecyclable Plastic Waste for Sustainable Rocket Production

In particular, Levykin emphasized the positive environmental impact of using unrecyclable plastic waste to produce rocket fuel. He suggested that by utilizing this type of waste in rocket production, the pollution generated from rocket launches is reduced to the equivalent of just a few cars. This approach is a more sustainable and eco-friendly solution than traditional rocket production methods that may contribute to higher pollution levels.

“The environmental impact of our technology is three times less than that of an old-school technology. That is our response to a green launch. But please don’t be overdramatic about the pollution from the rocket launch. It’s the equivalent of a few cars. Because the rocket itself is optimized for the full burn”, he said.

Space-Based Observation and Monitoring for Climate Change Challenges

Levykin also underscored the significance of space-based observation and monitoring, particularly in addressing challenges such as climate change.

“We all have one purpose. Basically, to use space to make our life better here, on Earth. One of the most important purposes of the new space concern is observation and monitoring the changes we have, especially the climate changes. From space, it is much easier to see what is going on. Especially in territories that are not accessible for normal observation for any reason, whether political or remote, such as the Amazon jungle”, he added.

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