Cosmic memes selection for good cheer!

15th Dec 2023
Cosmic memes selection for good cheer!

Used to think that Space is all about only serious themes? Let us prove that laughter and lightheartedness have a cosmic side too with our cosmic memes!

In this delightful cosmic memes collection, we blend the vastness of the universe with a touch of humor to elevate your spirits. Take it easy: our cosmic journey is about having fun without offending anyone.

Black holes

Black holes

A gentle reminder: managing your expectations is key when delving into the realms of learning and observing the vastness of space.

Space vampires?

Space vampires? meme

Who wants to argue?

Sadness beep

Sadness beep meme

He remindes us to do our best, even if no one cares. Go, little Pioneer 10!

A Moonwalk

A Moonwalk meme

Sorry Neil…

The biggest fear

The biggest fear  meme

Have you ever felt like they are watching you?

A little space

meme about space

Because let’s face it, even Earth needs its personal space!

Beautiful stars

Beautiful stars meme

Yes, of course they are!

If the Earth was flat

If the Earth was flat

And Noah’s ship did not fall into Space.

NASA astronauts

NASA astronauts meme

We all are NASA astronauts time after time, right?

Space tourism

Space tourism meme

Space tourism operates effectively in only one direction.

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