BREAKING: ‘Alien’ Corpses Displayed at Mexico’s Congress

14th Sep 2023
BREAKING: ‘Alien’ Corpses Displayed at Mexico’s Congress

In an unprecedented event, alleged ‘alien corpses’ were displayed at Mexico’s Congress, inciting a flurry of excitement and skepticism alike within the global community. Spearheaded by journalist and self-proclaimed ufologist Jaime Maussan, the display featured two small, mummified bodies claimed to be of extraterrestrial origin.

Unveiling the alien corpses

The specimens, encased in glass boxes, were presented to Mexican politicians in Mexico City. Found in Cusco, Peru, these purportedly non-human remains have been a focal point for UFO conspiracy theorists around the world. Maussan testified under oath that these beings are not part of terrestrial evolution, with nearly a third of their DNA remaining unidentified as per Mexican media reports.

Credit: @CaptainBacteria

The Claims

According to Maussan, these specimens were not discovered after a UFO wreck but were found in diatom mines and later fossilized. He further stated that scientists at the Autonomous National University of Mexico (UNAM) had studied the specimens and extracted DNA evidence using radiocarbon dating. Upon comparison with other DNA samples, it was discovered that over 30% of the specimens’ DNA was “unknown”.

X-rays of the specimens were also presented during the hearing. Experts testifying under oath claimed that one of the bodies appeared to have ‘eggs’ inside, while both were said to harbor implants made of rare metals like Osmium.

Alien corpses shown to Congress as UFO expert forced to testify. Credit:

Ryan Graves, Americans for Safe Aerospace Executive Director and former US Navy pilot, was present at the hearing. Earlier this year, he had informed the US Congress about the threat unidentified aerial phenomena posed to US national security.

Alien corpses: are they real?

Despite the electrifying claims, skepticism remains high. Maussan has a history of associating with claims of extraterrestrial discoveries that were later debunked. One such instance involved five mummies found in Peru in 2017, eventually identified as human children.

Moreover, the mummified bodies presented in the Mexican Congress were found to be covered with a layer of sand, a detail that further sparks doubts about their authenticity.

The Road Ahead

This event has undoubtedly stirred global interest and debate. While some embrace the possibility of extraterrestrial existence, others remain skeptical, awaiting more concrete evidence. As the scientific community continues its quest for answers, events like these highlight the enduring human fascination with the unknown and the infinite mysteries that the universe holds.

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