Aberdeen Mars Experts Design a New Planetary Science Postgraduate Degree

15th Jul 2021
Aberdeen Mars Experts Design a New Planetary Science Postgraduate Degree

As the Scotland space industry advances, students now stand a chance at earning a postgraduate degree. The course was the brainchild of the Aberdeen Mars experts in charge of current and upcoming missions to Mars.

The MSc Planetary Science students will focus their studies on space. This includes technology that sheds more light on the formation processes of the Earth, Moon and planets.

The course commences in September and will focus on the land formation and different atmospheres on planets. At the same time, students will study system engineering for the space industry and its instrumentation and astrobiology.

The new course recruitment aligns with the Aberdeen University’s 2040 strategy. The primary focus is on research that can bring solutions to real problems the Earth is facing.

Aberdeen Mars Experts Come Up with New Invention

The Planetary Science Group is making great strides in the Scotland space sector. They have a timely invention that will help produce water in orbit, amongst other things.

This instrument will be a crucial feature that will play a vital role in the future exploration of Mars. In 2022, the device will be part of the ExoMars Mission.

As the Scotland space industry advances, it’s the perfect time for the university to offer the course. This is according to the Planetary Science Group leader Professor Javier Martin-Torres.

Professor described this as the ‘golden age of space’ where agencies and governments invest heavily in the industry. Their focus is further space exploration and research.

The new Aberdeen Mars course aligns with this as it offers top-of-the-line technology and research for planetary exploration.

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