Starlink To Expand Into Europe Through Ireland

12th Sep 2023
Starlink To Expand Into Europe Through Ireland

SpaceX is eyeing European expansion for its satellite internet connectivity offering, Starlink, by building an office in Dublin, Ireland. Although the office is yet to be officially announced, a SpaceX insider said the company is eager to establish a European presence. Initially, the Dublin office will be supporting Starlink’s European financial operations as it begins expanding across the Northern Hemisphere. 

Reported in the Sunday Times, the insider said: “SpaceX is expanding the international footprint in that it is now providing Starlink broadband internet in Ireland and across Europe.” The insider added: “with that comes a lot of financial obligations. SpaceX is looking at setting up an Ireland-based finance team with the goal of ensuring all of its financial obligations are met in respect of the Starlink business.”

Starlink’s European expansion and financial obligations

In its 20 years of operation, SpaceX has never established a European footprint until now. The goal is to rapidly ramp up sales of Starlink internet services, with the Dublin stronghold having one primary objective: to support Starlink’s European financial obligations. Once the office is officially announced, it should shed light on what those financial obligations are. SpaceX has already begun its recruitment process by promoting a Europe finance manager position on LinkedIn Ireland.

Challenges To Starlink’s Market Monopolisation

Starlink currently offers its network to more than 60 countries including the UK, primarily tailored towards ‘dead zones’. That being, providing geographical areas that have meagre internet access with reliable connectivity. They have an arsenal of over 4,000 satellites in orbit with plans to add another 40,000 to the constellation. 

However, space organisations like the UK’s OneWeb are also looking to obtain a piece of the global market share. OneWeb recently announced a multi-million pound expansion deal to connect Australia and New Zealand with OneWeb’s internet services. In a statement, OneWeb said: “the partnership will cover all enterprise and government sectors with fixed, mobility and maritime offerings.”

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