Starlink Satellites Launch: Elon Musk Says There Is Nothing To Worry About

25th Mar 2020
Starlink Satellites Launch: Elon Musk Says There Is Nothing To Worry About
Description: Elon Musk took steps to reassure people that there is nothing to fear about the Starlink satellites launch. Find out more in today’s article about Starlink! At the Satellite 2020 conference, Elon Musk, the CEO of SpaceX, discussed Starship and Starlink satellites launch. Here, Musk took he opportunity to answer a lot of questions, such as whether the Starlink broadband satellites would have a negative impact on astronomy or pose a threat to the telecom industry. Also, Musk was asked whether SpaceX is planning to roll out Starlink in the coming days. CEO Elon Musk answered all three questions about the planned satellites launch at the Satellite 2020 conference in Washington DC; his answer to these questions was a resounding no. In this conference with Jeffrey Hill, Starship and Starlink were the primary topics being talked about. While Musk did not really disclose any hints about new or upcoming initiatives (as he did in the past conferences in Australia and Mexico), he got a chance to talk about his multi-billion-dollar space projects.

Swarms Of Starlink Satellites Launch

This is a project with a primary goal to initiate small satellites launch that will install thousands of satellites on the lower Earth orbit (LEO). This action is being undertaken with the aim to provide Internet access to places that are underserved and aid the US military as well. As of now, SpaceX’s factory in Redmond, Washington DC, is manufacturing six flat-panel satellites per day. Additionally, they are also being launched in batches of 60 on the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket from Florida. The company will perform 300 more satellites launch in the coming weeks as well.
SpaceX Falcon 9
SpaceX Falcon 9
However, Elon Musk has been on the receiving end of rising concerns from astronomers about so many satellites floating around the night sky. However, Musk mentioned that once the satellites have been launched, they would hardly be visible. Additionally, he also assured attendees that the satellites would be engineered in such a way that they will not interfere with astronomical observations. The company has also been in talks with several astronomical groups about mitigating any other sort of problems in the future regarding the satellites launch.

Moving Ahead With StarShip

As for StarShip, Elon Musk stated that the costs of developing the prototypes are the main concern right now. The company is focusing all its attention on developing and testing prototypes and looking for the best options. StarShip has been designed to minimize the turnaround time between satellites launch.
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