British Start-up Space DOTS Seal £1.2 Million Funding For In-Orbit Testing Module

31st Jul 2023
British Start-up Space DOTS Seal £1.2 Million Funding For In-Orbit Testing Module

London-based start-up Space DOTS has secured £1.2 million in pre-seed funding for their miniaturised material testing module. Targeting “advanced material and/or small component developer[s],” the company will provide customers with an avenue to test their products whilst in orbit. Their vision is to stop testing space technology on Earth by enabling accurate data to be collected from tests conducted in space. 

The funding raised will predominantly go towards their flagship device, Barnacle DOTS, which provides active in-situ environmental testing of advanced materials and small components.

Space DOTS Pre-Seed Funding

Space DOTS main aim is to test their customer’s products in “harsh and hard to reach environments,” the start-up said on their website. It was revealed previously that co-founder Bianca Cefalo was looking to secure £1.2 million in pre-seed funding. Subsequently, Space DOTS secured that funding and is now setting their sights and ambitions on accelerating production. 

The company drew backing from a range of investors, including Boost VC, Sie Ventures, 7Percent Ventures, and Blue Wire Capital. Angel investors Elaine Lau and Alex Ionescu also joined the funding rounds, and collectively, the team of investors footed the £1.2 million. 

Barnacle DOT

Space DOTS ‘entry’ product – which will see the majority of the funding –  is the Barnacle DOT: a mobile phone-sized testing device and “hosted payload with integrated tabs,” designed to operate in orbit. Uniquely, the Barnacle DOT is a modular and scalable device that allows integration with any platform, interface, and launcher, in addition to testing capabilities beyond microgravity.

The device will analyse and collect data on how technology reacts in space, as well as identify any failures. This will help customers to cut development time, resulting in quicker market releases. Space DOTS states, “[Barnacle DOT] will offer tensile, creep and fatigue testing capabilities, with a variety of thermal and electrical capabilities coming soon.”

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