Jeff Bezos Steps Down as Amazon CEO to Focus on Other Projects

13th Feb 2021
Jeff Bezos Steps Down as Amazon CEO to Focus on Other Projects

Jeff Bezos recently announced that he would be stepping down as Amazon CEO to direct his focus to Blue Origin and other projects. The news is not surprising as space travel has always been Bezos’ most passionate project. While it is not yet clear what Amazon will look like without its founder as the CEO, the public believes it might look like Origin is looking right now. 

Jeff Bezos on Blue Origin & Other Project’s Potential

The public assumes that Jeff Bezos is stepping down as Amazon CEO to focus on Blue Origin. The idea is considered reasonable since the entrepreneur explicitly stated (more than once) that he founded the retail platform to earn money for the space project. Now that the online platform has earned the billions he needed, it may be the right time to dedicate more time to one’s pet project. 

On the other hand, Bezos has taken up additional interests in the process, which is clearly seen from the email he sent to all Amazon employees. As Bezos lists the projects he will be focusing on, Blue Origin is mentioned third. The first two places go to Day 1 Fund and Bezos Earth Fund, respectively. The entrepreneur also adds that he never had more passion and energy to handle these organizations. 

Jeff Bezos also claims that at least one day a week will be dedicated to Blue Origin — on top of the $1 billion worth of Amazon’s annual proceeds and shares. The funds are indeed necessary because Origin is currently working on the lunar lander for NASA’s latest Moon mission. At the same time, all daily matters and operations will still be handled by Bob Smith, who has been Blue Origin’s CEO since 2017. 

It also looks like Bezos is highly concerned about climate change. The Earth Fund has received $10 billion, and the Climate Change Fund — two billion more. At the same time, Bezos still says that Origin is the most important project that may give hundreds of people jobs in space. This also means moving all heavy production from our home planet, making it a residential zone. So, it looks as if Jeff Bezos has his priorities on Blue Origin and Earth protection straight. 

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