William Shatner Will Bravely Venture into Space Tourism Onboard Blue Origin

7th Oct 2021
William Shatner Will Bravely Venture into Space Tourism Onboard Blue Origin

Captain James Tiberius Kirk may have been the youngest and most famous captain in Starfleet history. Still, at age 90, he’s going to go where no man has gone before boldly: space tourism. The actor who portrayed this iconic role for 4 decades is allegedly taking on a real-life adventure aboard an actual spaceship and going for an actual space tourism journey.

The actor William Shatner will launch from Earth this coming month aboard a Blue Origin capsule that belongs to Amazon’s founder, Jeff Bezos. His 15-minute voyage will be filmed for an upcoming documentary.

Blue Origin appears to be masked in secrecy about what precisely this mission entails. Still, it wasn’t left unnoticed, as skeptics say that TMZ report surfaced on the same day as tweets announcing Shatner’s new album Bill, which is labelled as an autobiographical journey through music and prose.

Making History Onboard Blue Origin’s Rocket

Shatner will be the oldest person to go into space, exceeding Wally Funk, who was 82 when she joined Bezos and two other people on Blue Origin’s first crewed suborbital trip in July.

Shatner’s team has been discussing space travel for some time, with the October trip happening under new partners. He is not new to the idea of space tourism as he has constantly been speaking about it to his large 2.4 million Twitter followers.

He also hinted about the same while moderating a debate on the future of human spaceflight in San Diego at the Comic-con event. Shatner also expressed concerns about the risks of space tourism during the event.

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