UK Space Agency Investment of £2m will Help Rolls-Royce & Airbus

31st Mar 2022
UK Space Agency Investment of £2m will Help Rolls-Royce & Airbus

The latest UK Space Agency investment into space projects has reached £2m. The funding supports Rolls-Royce’s projects for a power station to generate water, oxygen, and even fuel for further exploration of the Sun.

Rolls-Royce on the New UK Space Agency Investment

According to Rolls-Royce representative, Abi Clayton, the help from the UKSA and the latest UK Space Agency investment is crucial to ensure support of the future programmes and space exploration missions. Clayton adds that the new investment is a solid indicator of both public and private support in the new nuclear expertise. With this help, the UK may achieve unprecedented technological advancement and design the future power systems.

More Projects Supported by the UK Space Agency

Besides the Rolls-Royce space power plant, the latest UK Space Agency investment covers imaging tech for Mars exploration. The technology is designed to measure Mars radiation levels and minimise the communication delays between Mars and Earth.

Another ambitious project worth mentioning is a robot that will be looking for resources on the Moon – namely, oxygen and water. This tech is designed by Airbus, one of the leading aerospace companies with an established reputation. Airbus will retrieve rocks already collected by Mars rover Perseverance.

According to George Freeman, UK Science Minister, the UK Space Agency investment aims to bring public and private space sectors together, creating technologies that would benefit humanity and our home planet while supporting net-zero commitments.

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