NASA will use Scotland’s space sector tech in its Mars mission

28th Aug 2020
NASA will use Scotland’s space sector tech in its Mars mission

NASA will make use of Scotland’s space sector technology in its Perseverance Mars Rover. The Mars surface vehicle will use cables produced in Dundee. The first landing with Scottish tech on board is scheduled for February 2021.

NASA Mars Exploration Mission & Scotland’s Space Sector Tech

The Space Centre of Excellence in Dundee will produce cables and wires for the current NASA Mars exploration mission. This mission was launched from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station on July 30th. The first landing, however, is not due until February 2021.

WL Gore, a company charged with producing high-endurance cables, is headquartered in the US. However, the actual equipment will be produced by WL Gore Associates in Dundee, representing Scotland’s space sector. The same company’s cables have already been a part of NASA Apollo 11 mission, as well as a range of other space projects, including the Hubble Space Telescope, the Space Shuttle Programme, and the International Space Station.

So, this company’s extensive experience in space tech, along with its zero-failure flight record, cannot be rivalled. Working alongside Scotland’s space sector representatives should boost this exciting experience.

Scotland’s space sector is developing rapidly, and this is not the first time NASA has used Scottish technology. The first drilled hole has already been made on the surface of Mars and is nicknamed ‘Edinburgh’. The second hole to be drilled will be called ‘Glasgow’.

The current Mars exploration mission will look for signs of ancient life on the planet’s surface. Scotland’s space representatives are excited about this opportunity to work alongside NASA in search for potential signs of life on Mars.

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