UK Space Agency host Nanosat Design Competition for climate research innovation

25th Feb 2022
UK Space Agency host Nanosat Design Competition for climate research innovation

The UK government and UK Space Agency have hosted a Nanosat Design Competition with a £600,000 prize for creating innovative technology. It brings together aspiring space scientists from around the globe to help combat climate change issues. Let’s find out more.

UK Space Agency puts on a great competition

Applicants were aged between 16 and 37, and most had little experience designing small satellites. The climate satellite design competition really encourages science communication and facilitates new careers in the UK’s up-and-coming space sector. At this moment in time, five key teams have made it to the next phase of the competition.

The Teams

The five teams from Glasgow, Huddersfield, Buckinghamshire, Kent and Southampton have progressed onto the next phase. This thrilling phase takes them on a four-month Space apprenticeship mentoring programme with some of the most renowned space industry experts. In May, the UK Space Agency competition will come to a close, and there will be a final judging phase before the prize money is handed out. These current teams have already been creating a number of innovative solutions to help wind turbines and monitor coastal vegetation cover. Arguably the output is a lot more promising than what you’d get at the end of most junior Space apprenticeship programmes!

Wrap Up

It’s a cracking competition! It’s wonderful to see the youth of today come up with innovations in this climate satellite design competition that will help many further generations survive. There’s hope that it will create many innovative solutions, economic benefits, and highly skilled jobs from the UK Space Agency.

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