UK Space Agency Is Seeking Top Fresh Ideas for Making Sats More Useful

22nd Feb 2022
UK Space Agency Is Seeking Top Fresh Ideas for Making Sats More Useful

The UK Space Agency provides the youth of today with an outstanding opportunity to win £50,000. Moreover, their ideas for how satellites could make life on our planet better will be given an expert opinion. The SatelLife 2022 competition is on!

UK Space Agency Launches the Fifth SatelLife

This year won’t be the first for SatelLife. The competition is about to be held for the fifth time in a row and it has been quite a success since it has brought wonderful ideas on how we should use satellites for the mutual good. Their ideas were highly appreciated by the NHS and local communities, and their authors, young enthusiasts aged 11 to 22, were rewarded.

Opinions: The UK Spaceport Race to Influence The Country’s Society and SatelLife Is to Assist

More than one UK spaceport are expecting their first rocket launch in 2022. So this year’s SatelLife competition by the UK Space Agency is acquiring a new level of significance. The anticipation is getting hotter in different circles that have something to do with the growing satellite industry. For instance, George Freeman, the Science Minister, feels very strongly about this event. According to Freeman, the competition can help talented young people to reveal their creative potential. He adds that the number of areas benefiting from their ideas is very broad.

British astronauts highlight the importance of this initiative in light of the upcoming rocket launch breakthrough. Tim Peake, an ESA astronaut, claimed that every rocket launch is a new chance for the young to embrace the opportunities of the industry and make their contribution.

In 2019, Lowena Hull took part in the UK Space Agency competition and won. She came up with an idea to track trolleys that have been abandoned by supermarket customers with the help of satellites. She is also looking forward to this year’s competition dedicated to the first rocket launch series. She wishes new competitors good luck.

The Satellite Applications Catapult and European Space Agency, as well as the UK Space Agency, will send their experts to judge the competition. All young satellite and rocket launch enthusiasts are welcome to participate up to 17th March 2022.

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