Isar Aerospace wins European Commission launch competition with a prize of €10 million

16th Feb 2022
Isar Aerospace wins European Commission launch competition with a prize of €10 million

Recently, space company Isar Aerospace has managed to secure a large prize of €10 million in a space launch competition. On 25th January, European Commissioner Mr Thierry Breton, who has an extensive track record in the space sector, announced that Munich-based company, Isar Aerospace, were the winners of the EU Innovation Council Horizon Prize. The prize was awarded for developing small and low-cost space launch vehicles. The company plans to launch their vehicles sometime in 2022.

Isar Aerospace takes the lead

The German company was actually one of three finalists for this prize. Competing with Isar Aerospace were other launch vehicle developers such as Payload Aerospace from Spain and Rocket Factory Augsburg. Both of these companies are currently working on reusable small rocket launchers. The finalists came from a pool of over 15 applicants.

The EU’s growing role in space launches

The EU has been very supportive of launching small vehicles up into space, despite some scepticism. Space exploration seems to be one of the only things that are tying all of the countries within the European Union together. Small satellite launchers are able to provide both affordability and responsiveness, and this was one of the key takings from the Isar Aerospace prize ceremony speech. Breton has predicted growth and institutional demand for small launcher technology in Europe.


These are certainly exciting news for the German company and space exploration in general. Both mini and micro launchers are becoming a thing of the future, and the European Union is right behind this technology. It is unlikely that this is the last we’ll hear of Isar Aerospace.

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