Virgin Orbit Scale-Up Includes Addition of Esteemed Executive, Dr Candace Givens

15th Feb 2022
Virgin Orbit Scale-Up Includes Addition of Esteemed Executive, Dr Candace Givens

Virgin Orbit has announced the addition of renowned spaceflight engineer, Dr Candace Givens, to their operations team. This announcement comes as Virgin Orbit scales up operations to meet the growing demand for their commercial space launch services. The California-based company has launched 26 satellites during their first year of operations and is now being offered contracts with international security forces and with NASA. Dr Candace Givens will join the team as the new Vice President of Engineering, following her esteemed career across a variety of space industry sectors.

Virgin Orbit Chief Operating Officer Hails Dr Givens’ Industry Expertise

Virgin Orbit’s Chief Operations Officer, Tony Gingiss, has expressed his satisfaction with the decision to hire Dr Candace Givens as Engineering Vice President. Dr Givens joins the firm after more than twenty years of work in a variety of relevant and prestigious roles. Dr Givens previously worked as the Vice President in charge of remote sensing technology at Northrop Grumman. She has also worked for Boeing and for TRW Space & Defence. In these roles, she was in charge of managing large-scale technical projects and establishing strong customer-focused networks.

Dr Candance Givens Joins Virgin Team After Series of Successful Launches

Dr Candace Givens joins the Virgin senior team following the company’s third successful commercial spaceflight. As part of her role with the company, Dr Givens will work alongside the Senior Vice President of Technology, Kevin Sagis, who has overseen the development of Virgin’s LauncherOne craft. In an official statement, Dr Givens expressed her excitement to work with Virgin Orbit, as she says the company is revolutionising the possibilities for commercial space tourism.

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