ArianeGroup Include Reusable Mini Rocket Launcher in New Family Series

10th Feb 2022
ArianeGroup Include Reusable Mini Rocket Launcher in New Family Series

European aerospace company, ArianeGroup, has developed a modular launch family with a reusable mini rocket launcher included. The mini launcher is called Maia and is being engineered by start-up, MaiaSpace. The launcher has the capacity to launch payloads weighing up to 500kg. Alongside Maia, the ArianeGroup launch series also includes a medium-heavy launcher, a heavy launcher, and a super-heavy launcher. The reusable mini rocket launcher can also be attached to the super-heavy launcher to act as a booster, helping the launcher carry up to 1.5 tonnes.

New Launch Family Modelled on Current ESA Programs

ArianeGroup’s new launch series follows on from recent programs, such as the Ariane 5 and 6, Astris, and Prometheus, which are being developed by ArianeGroup and ESA. However, the addition of Maia brings something new and exciting to the table in terms of sustainable space travel. The use of a reusable mini rocket launcher could help cut back on waste within the industry. Maia also uses green propellants, helping to support ArianeGroup’s environmental aims. ArianeGroup also hopes that the inclusion of the Maia reusable mini rocket launcher in the series will encourage independent investment in MaiaSpace.

First Flight of Reusable Mini Rocket Launcher, Maia, Scheduled for 2026

ArianeGroup hopes to get its reusable mini launcher off the ground in 2026. Their new launch family supports the European Space Agency’s aims to develop more sustainable space travel. The series features reusable parts, like Maia and a variety of rockets to reach different orbital planes. Space innovation, like the reusable rocket launchers, also supports ESA’s aim to champion human space flight from European soil.

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