Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin Signs a New Contract with NASA to use its New Glenn Rocket for Upcoming Missions

6th Jan 2021
Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin Signs a New Contract with NASA to use its New Glenn Rocket for Upcoming Missions

Blue Origin is gearing up for space flight, which has everyone in the space industry excited. Though the mission is a year away, NASA has shown confidence in it by awarding Jeff Bezos’ company a contract for space missions come 2025.

Using the New Glenn rocket, NASA will conduct scientific missions to space using the NASA LS (Launch Services) 2 contract. On these missions, the New Glenn rocket from the company will launch satellites for NASA. Additionally, Jeff Bezos’ rocket will deliver supplies to the ISS (International Space Station). 

The announcement of the new contract is welcome news for many. Now the ASA (American Space Agency) has the green light to place orders starting 2025. 

Through the contract, the company is required to launch satellites into orbit successfully. All launches must be from a domestic launch area, and the spacecraft will carry a payload of 250kg, 200 km into a circular orbit. 

Blue Origin’s New Glenn Rocket Part of NASA Catalog

Jeff Bezos’ company is excited to be part of the catalogue for satellite launches and missions to the ISS. The company is now striving to meet the contract requirements regarding the New Glenn rocket’s mission. 

Furthermore, by awarding Blue Origin the contract, NASA has expressed confidence in the company. The two share a great collaboration and continue to find ways to benefit the earth using science and space exploration. 

Blue Origin is an industry leader and was founded by Jeff Bezos in 2000. Today, it has its launch pad in Texas, which was set up in 2015. It’s from this location that the Next Glenn rocket will be launched carrying a NASA payload. 

For the New Glenn Rocket, this will be its first launch into space to deploy satellites. However, Blue Origin has grand plans for it as it wants to send the spacecraft to the moon. It’s a part of the larger Blue Origin and Jeff Bezos’ mission to send 1 million inhabitants to the moon. 

Still, there’s stiff competition for Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin and the New Glenn rocket from other launch companies such as SpaceX. However, the NASA contract is a great confidence builder for Blue Origin.

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