Flights from new space tourism company will take you into stratosphere by 2024 but will cost £36,700

29th Oct 2021
Flights from new space tourism company will take you into stratosphere by 2024 but will cost £36,700

World View Enterprises’ ambitious plans for space tourism

Space tourism has always been at the heart of man’s desire to explore. A new firm may be able to send you up in a balloon to the stratosphere by 2024, for a whopping estimated cost of £36,700 per head. The company, World View Enterprises, have been working on their space tourism balloon system off the coast of Arizona. The design has the potential to send people up 18 miles into the sky. While this is quite far away from what NASA considers to be space (50 miles up and more), it’s certainly something exciting for space tourism, and the people who can afford it.

About the ride

A ride is said to last between 6 and 8 hours, however, there are plans to offer 5-day excursions over historic places and landmarks. A capsule will have enough room for 8 passengers, and there don’t seem to be any anticipated problems in terms of turbulence. This particular ride for wannabe space tourists will also be open to people of all ages and physiques, so you won’t need to be a super-strong astronaut to ride.

A new conversation and a new future

World View Enterprises
The World View Enterprises balloon will take passengers up into the stratosphere in a custom built passenger capsule.

CEO of the company launching the flight, World View Enterprises, says that his ambition is to change today’s conversations around space tourism. He envisages a world where common people will be able to treasure some memories and see the wonders of the earth. The company have shifted their focus from sending scientific research payloads into the stratosphere with balloons to space tourism.

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