Virgin Galactic Is Allowed to Resume Space Flights, Sending Shares Flying

27th Oct 2021
Virgin Galactic Is Allowed to Resume Space Flights, Sending Shares Flying

Virgin Galactic has been in a spot of bother over the years, but they have new hopes and plans for space exploration. Let’s find out more.

Virgin Galactic has new plans

Shares increased dramatically over 13.9% recently after Richard Branson, the British billionaire and founder of Virgin Galactic, was given the green light to return to his spaceflight plans. Previously he had been banned from working on such operations.

Troubled times

In the past, the United States regulators known as the Federal Aviation Administration had to halt Virgin Galactic operations, because one of their flight capsules deviated from its approved path. Upon investigation, they cleared the company and allowed them to resume flights. The company is now in constant communication with the regulator, as they have plans to expand their protected airspace. The Federal Aviation Administration will be considering a whole variety of possible flight trajectories in the hope of promoting space tourism and commercial opportunities.

Virgin Galactic Spacecraft
Virgin Galactic flights were grounded pending investigation.

CEO of Virgin Galactic speaks out

The CEO of Virgin Galactic has recently spoken out, saying that his entire approach to space missions is guided by sincere commitments to safety. He is clearly committed to maintaining that every part of the spaceflight system and test flight program is safe and done by the book. The company has appreciated the Federal Aviation Administration’s review over the years because they have allowed Virgin Galactic to make some substantial improvements to its procedures and processes.

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