Skyrora Emerges as a Winner at the UK Business Awards

16th Jul 2021
Skyrora Emerges as a Winner at the UK Business Awards

The UK Business Awards 2021 took place recently, and Skyrora emerged as a winner. The company managed to scoop the top prize in Product Development, much to the delight of its entire team.

The Skyrora team sent out a tweet expressing their joy after emerging winners at the UKBA 2021. The company was grateful for the recognition.

The UKBA 2021

The UKBA is part of Awards International, which is the brain behind 12 events worldwide. It has offices in numerous locations, including the UK, Serbia, and the UAE.

Awards International is behind the UK Customer Experience prizes that began more than a decade ago. It even managed to organize 8 online events in 2020 when physical events weren’t possible.

The UKBA is open to all enterprises in the UK. Anyone who’s innovative has extensive experience and deserves recognition can take place. This was the 7th UKBA to take place in the country, and it had many participants post-COVID.

The event enables all participants to boost their development in their respective sectors, no matter their size and reach. Skyrora won in Product Development which is one of the 27 categories.

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