Orbex Space is set to launch a Re-Usable and Sustainable Rocket from UK Spaceport

14th Aug 2020
Orbex Space is set to launch a Re-Usable and Sustainable Rocket from UK Spaceport

Orbex space is posed to be the first company in the UK to launch a rocket vertically into orbit. The project is all systems go as the company received authorization from the Highland Council in Scotland and the Scottish Government have said they have no plans to call in the planning application.

The Orbex Space Maiden Rocket Launch Date

The first spaceport is set to be built in the UK, from where Orbex space will launch the Orbex Prime rocket. The spaceport will be built in Sutherland, Scotland. The company started its operations in 2015, and it is at the forefront of using renewable biofuels in its launch system. Orbex space is committed to make the project a success.

The first launch, which will occur at the Space Hub Sutherland, is scheduled at the beginning of the year 2022. The rocket is unique since it will be launched vertically. Melness, which is on the northern coast of Scotland, will be the Space Hub’s home.

The Green Light

The company was given the green light to construct the spaceport at Sutherland after the Highland Council in Scotland approved it. The approval gave Orbex space the go-ahead to launch the rocket in 2022. The COVID-19 pandemic has not slowed down the project according to the company’s CEO Chris Larmour, and it is continuously subjecting the rocket to various tests. Apart from those tests, the company is also performing experiments on guidance and avionics systems.

In conclusion, the blastoff from the Sutherland spaceport will be a milestone in the UK’s space flight history as it will be the first vertical rocket launch in the UK. Orbex space has come up with a revolutionizing concept for launches from UK spaceports where they will use renewable biofuels.

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