UK Space Agency leads space satellites project that promises economic rise

23rd Sep 2021
UK Space Agency leads space satellites project that promises economic rise

The UK Space Agency has found the answer to climate change – the TRUTHS mission. The satellites, designed by Professor Nigel Fox from Teddington, will allow for the accurate collection of data from the Sun and the energy reflected from Earth’s surface. It is the only project of its kind and will act as a “climate laboratory in space.”

The satellites will be launched by the European Space Agency in collaboration with the UK Space Agency and will help environment scientists not only to gather data but understand the depth of industrial impact on the climate. The UK hopes that such an achievement will create an economic boom post-Brexit, where the country could sell climate services to countries worldwide.

Professor Fox worked on his climate satellites project for 20 years

Professor Fox spoke openly about his ambition and hopes that the project will become a flagship of the great ambition that the UK holds. The data and information should fuel policy decisions and lead to economic growth.

While such satellites are only a small part of the bigger picture in the fight against climate change, Professor Fox believes that the UK Space Agency has the vision and the manpower to contribute greatly to British science.

The UK Space Agency pushes for a greener country

Science Minister Amanda Solloway has hailed the TRUTHS mission for its ingenuity. The Minister said in an interview that Britain gears up to be at the forefront of creating a greener and healthier world through the space sector. The mission was added to ESA’s launch program in 2019, almost at the same time the UK expressed interest in hosting the COP26 convention.

The climate talk conference is expected to take place later this year in Glasgow, and the success of the UK Space Agency will surely be discussed.

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