Shetland Space Centre Is Getting Ready for Vertical Rocket Launches in May 2022

12th Jun 2021
Shetland Space Centre Is Getting Ready for Vertical Rocket Launches in May 2022

Frank Strang, Shetland Space Centre CEO, confirms that the first launches from the Scottish spaceport are due to occur in May 2022. The UK Pathfinder launch, planned together with the leading Shetland spaceport partner, Lockheed Martin, will become a game-changer for the facility and the UK space industry in general.

Shetland Space Centre Role in Region Transformation

The demand for small satellite launches is growing every day, and Shetland Space Centre could play a crucial role in transforming the region’s economy. Even though Scottish spaceport projects have their opponents, believing that fighting climate change should be a top priority, Shetland spaceport CEO points out that satellites are crucial for Earth monitoring.

Frank Strang adds that spacecraft applications to help our planet are plenty – from helping with weather forecasts to monitoring and cutting down on fuel emissions. He adds that commissioning the Scottish spaceport will result in the largest regional transformation since the arrival of oil and gas 50 years ago. 

Shetland Spaceport Progress & Potential

Right now, Shetland Space Centre is working on the final spaceport planning permission and is getting ready to apply for a spaceport license. Frank Strang is confident that the first launches may happen in less than a year because Shetland spaceport has plenty of supporters in the local councils. After the planning permission is approved, this Scottish spaceport will create hundreds of new job opportunities in the area.

Shetland spaceport already has a lot of partners besides Lockheed Martin. Just recently, a German company HyImpulse Technologies carried out a successful rocket-sounding test from this Scottish spaceport and has another one planned for July. The same month, the facility will host a virtual summer camp for children aimed at raising a new generation of astronauts.

Frank Strang wraps up by saying that educational programs like these could secure the future of Shetland Space Centre and its impact on the region’s economy.

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