Local Distillery Creates New Gin Anticipating Shetland Space Centre Launches

5th Jun 2021
Local Distillery Creates New Gin Anticipating Shetland Space Centre Launches

Shetland Reel announced a new product, Countdown Gin, resulting from its collaboration with Shetland Space Centre. Both facilities operate on the island of Unst and eagerly await the first orbital launches from the Scottish spaceport, set to take place next year.

Shetland Reel About Countdown Gin

The Countdown Gin does mark a countdown to the first launch from the Scottish spaceport. Since the proposed spaceport is located just a few miles from the distillery, it makes sense that two major Unst businesses would come together and celebrate the first upcoming rocket launch from UK soil. Compared to the Original Gin from Shetland Reel Distillery, the Countdown version will have a more festive spirit – with more juniper, spice, and citrus.

The director of Shetland Reel is confident that if people love the original gin version, they will love the countdown one as well. The recipe is based on the same proportions as the distillery’s Holly Days version, with a little addition of locally harvested botanical apple mint.

The distillery was once again open to the public as of June 2021. According to Shetland Reel representatives, the new gin celebrates not only the first Scottish spaceport in the area but the entire Unst community who supported the company through the challenging COVID times.

Shetland Space Centre on Spaceport Potential

Shetland Space Centre operations director Scott Hammond says the entire spaceport team is delighted about the Countdown Gin idea. He adds that the spaceport construction will create new job opportunities in the area, which will, in turn, boost the local economy.

And, even though the Scottish Spaceport is not yet commissioned, the Countdown Gin launch already happened. Anyone interested in trying the new beverage can buy it on the Shetland Reel website, in any local store in the area, or stop by the distillery.

As Scott Hammond adds, once the first launch from Shetland Space Centre is carried out, the team will have a special beverage ready to celebrate this event.

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