Space Hub Sutherland Management is Confident the Launches will Happen by 2023

5th Jun 2021
Space Hub Sutherland Management is Confident the Launches will Happen by 2023

Space Hub Sutherland project director, Roy Kirk, is confident that we will see space tourism flights from the Scottish spaceport in our lifetime. The first satellite launches may already happen next year. However, the facility will have to address some environmental issues first. Fortunately, Sutherland spaceport management already has a solution.

Opposition Against Space Hub Sutherland

Even though Sutherland spaceport is the only launch facility that has been granted a construction permit so far, this Scottish spaceport still faces opposition from environmental activists. Anders Povlsen, the biggest landowner in Scotland, initiated a judicial review of Space Hub Sutherland through his company Wildland Ltd. The first court session is scheduled for 8th-10th June.

Wildland stresses the necessity of ‘rigorous scrutiny’ for the construction of such a scale. On the other hand, Sutherland spaceport construction permit was granted last August, so there is hope for the project despite all opposition. Roy Kirk is confident that the agreement could be arranged and that the first launches from Space Hub Sutherland will happen in 2022-2023.

Sutherland Spaceport’s Eco-Friendly Goals

One of the reasons behind Captain Kirk’s confidence is that Sutherland spaceport does take its environmental responsibility very seriously. This Scottish spaceport is looking to create a green facility, and even though everyone understands that rocket launches cannot be 100% carbon-free, the developers have found ways to minimise carbon emissions.

Besides, Kirk stresses that work on restoring surrounding peat bogs has already begun. Right now, Scottish spaceport developers at Sutherland plan to restore 26 hectares of peat bogs, which are natural sources for capturing carbon.

Kirk adds that this initiative may take up to 20 years, but it will pay off in the long run. He believes that Scotland’s space sector has great potential, and Space Hub Sutherland is exactly the kind of project to give this industry an extra boost.

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