17 Million Sutherland Spaceport Project Specialist Survey Gets Underway

1st Jun 2021
17 Million Sutherland Spaceport Project Specialist Survey Gets Underway

Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE), Sutherland Spaceport developer, announced that a specialist survey would start at the facility last week. The investigation should help finalise the planned £17 million design of Spaceport Sutherland.

Sutherland Spaceport Investigation Goals

On 26th May, Surveyors BAM Nuttall and Arup began the detailed ground survey of the 10.4 acre site, where Sutherland spaceport is soon planned for construction. The goal is to investigate soil data, bedrock below it, and peat levels. Once this is done, HIE will send all obtained data for laboratory testing. The results of this investigation will give Sutherland spaceport developers a clear idea of the necessary foundations and facility infrastructure. The latter includes not only launchpads and ground control centre, but also access roads.

Spaceport Sutherland developer adds that the agency will also evaluate the ground gas regime and any on-site contamination. As a reminder, HIE was already granted approval for Sutherland spaceport construction in August 2020. However, the spaceport still faces opposition from Wildland UK, owned by Anders Povlsen. The judicial review will take place early this month.

Spaceport Sutherland Planned Launches

So far, Sutherland spaceport aims at 12 launches a year. The facility is also expected to create 60 new jobs on the area and 250 more job opportunities in the region. Spaceport Sutherland already has an interested resident – Orbex Space, that plans to carry out its Prime rocket launches from an upcoming vertical launch site. Besides Sutherland spaceport, launch facilities are also proposed in England, Wales, and other areas of Scotland.

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