German Startup Carries out Successful Rocket Factory Augsburg Engine Test

1st Aug 2021
German Startup Carries out Successful Rocket Factory Augsburg Engine Test

On July 23, 2021, a promising German startup carried out a successful combustion test for its Rocket Factory Augsburg engine. RFA rocket engine test was conducted in Sweden and became another big milestone for the young company. Rocket Factory Augsburg engine exceeded the eight-second burn-time mark, which is considered sufficient proof of engine functionality.

Rocket Factory Augsburg Engine Test in Detail

According to Dr. Stefan Brieschenk, RFA COO, the latest RFA rocket engine test met all the parameters set by the company. The burn time exceeded eight minutes, while all RFA rocket engine systems worked perfectly. Right now, the company plans to proceed to further testing of their combusting engine technology.

Jörn Spurmann, the company’s Chief Commercial Officer, adds that RFA rocket engine is one of the three parameters that can ensure affordable launch costs and increased payload capacity.

The first successful RFA rocket engine test — this time, two-second one — took place this June. RFA is the ninth company in the world to work on combustion engine technology — but the first one in Germany. Before the successful Rocket Factory Augsburg engine test, the development was mostly limited to top space powers, including the US, Russia, Japan, China, and Ukraine.

Stage Combustion Technology Benefits

In comparison to the conventional open-cycle engine, combustion technology ensures increased performance and efficiency. The tech is based on turbo-pumping the unburned gases back to the combustion chamber, which optimizes the use of propellant by avoiding its unnecessary release. So, the technology kills two birds with one stone — reduces propellant combustion (and thus, the launch cost) and minimizes carbon emissions during a rocket launch.

Right now, the most notable launch providers using combustion engine technology are SpaceX and Blue Origin. However, a recent successful Rocket Factory Augsburg engine test proves that, soon enough, Germany will be able to compete on the international level.

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