What happened to Boeing Starliner?

23rd Dec 2019
What happened to Boeing Starliner?
It has been an eventful week in the world of space, with the main event being the launch of Boeing’s Starliner sent to dock with the International Space Station (ISS) on 20th December 2019. Unfortunately, the Starliner didn’t manage to complete its mission and ended up back on earth landing in the middle of the desert in New Mexico.
What happened to Boeing Starliner?
The NASA team along with Boeing representative made an official announcement after the failed mission.
NASA sent out a very positive press release after the aborted mission, saying that they looked upon the mission as successful as more things went right that went wrong. The mission was unmanned and as such was an easier situation for NASA and Boeing to stomach. And while it is not fully clear what went wrong, the vehicle was brought back to earth safely and undamaged. With Boeing and SpaceX competing head to head to fulfil missions to ISS, it is likely that this particular mission may have a negative impact on Boeing’s ability to secure future ISS supply agreements with NASA. The official statement from NASA:
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