Eutelsat Quantum Wraps Up Its Chameleon Satellite Development

21st Apr 2021
Eutelsat Quantum Wraps Up Its Chameleon Satellite Development

Eutelsat Quantum develops the last part of its chameleon satellite and is getting ready to ship the spacecraft to France. The small satellite got its name for the high operation flexibility it offers. This device is one of the few spacecraft that can be reprogrammed when already in orbit and adjusted to any mission necessary at the moment.

Eutelsat Quantum & Its Partners on Chameleon Satellite Potential

The final piece of the chameleon satellite is an SSTL platform with a chassis that ensures proper navigation in space. The platform itself weighs one tonne, which is more than any small satellite can weigh today. SSTL platform can enter geostationary orbit and play its part in today’s small satellite market growth.

Soon enough, the final part of the chameleon satellite will be shipped to Airbus France facilities for testing and integration with Airbus already operational spacecraft. The end-version of the chameleon satellite will imply adjusting the device’s frequency, power, even orbit placement. In other words, the tech will allow switching small satellite missions without removing the device from orbit.

According to Eutelsat Quantum, the development marks a new era in the remotely controlled small satellite tech. The company’s software-driven approach offers unprecedented flexibility for the constantly evolving aerospace industry.

Most of the chameleon satellite parts were manufactured in the UK, but soon enough, the platform will be shipped to French testing facilities. The end-product results from the UK Space Agency and ESA collaboration – both supporting promising European companies.

According to Magali Vaissiere, ESA Director of Telecommunications, this small satellite is an important development for both the UK Space Agency and the ESA since it proves a private-partnership collaboration model success. Above all, however, this is an example of a tech that pushes the European space industry forward and gives it a competitive edge in the international space arena.

Graham Turnock, UK Space Agency CEO, supports these statements, adding that a chameleon satellite from Eutelsat Quantum will ensure better coverage and connectivity in orbit. He believes that UK’s collaboration with ESA will result in growth, innovation, and new job opportunities for small satellite makers and other aerospace experts.

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