The Public Supports UK Space Industry Development and UK Spaceport Construction

19th Apr 2021

A study, commissioned by an aerospace company, Skyrora, shows that more than half of the local population support UK spaceport construction, even though few people are aware of the latest UK space industry developments. The study has shown that 75% of the population were not aware of UK space industry goals. However, when explained what those were, 53% of the respondents stated that UK spaceport construction is worth the investment.

UK Space Industry Plans for UK Spaceport Projects & Rocket Launches

The government is set to make the UK a leader in the new space race, and UK spaceport construction is vital for achieving this goal. Supporting local aerospace companies is as crucial for this matter, which is why in November 2020, the authorities invested £500 million to buy British satellite telecommunications provider OneWeb out of bankruptcy.

Interestingly, this deal remained largely unnoticed by the public. The study commissioned by Skyrora has clearly shown that 57% of the locals know nothing about UK space sector goals, while 75% have very little information about this industry’s developments. At the same time, when informed about the plans, respondents accepted the importance of the UK space industry. More specifically, 53% stated that UK spaceport construction should be supported.

When it came to satellite uses, 58% said that the Internet and navigation are worth improving, 56% emphasized the importance of healthcare services, and 51% saw the need to boost the defence and military sector. In contrast to that, few people were interested in deep space exploration (37%), Moon and Mars missions (31%), and colonisation of other planets (18%).

All of this data proves that locals are ready to support UK space industry development, along with UK spaceport construction. However, the lack of public awareness of the UK space industry plans clearly shows that the authorities should raise this issue more often.

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