Blue Origin Rocket Manufacturing Facility to be Expanded by 70 Acres

19th Apr 2021
Jeff Bezos

Blue Origin rocket manufacturing facility will be expanded shortly, creating new high-skilled jobs. The aerospace company founded by billionaire Jeff Bezos is located at Merritt Island. Soon enough, Blue Origin rocket factory will take 70 more acres of land.

Blue Origin rocket manufacturing facility expansion

The current project is nicknamed “South Campus Phase 2” and presupposes a 70-acre expansion of the Blue Origin rocket factory. The phase-1 project already expanded the existing facility by 90 acres.

To date, the company has offices in Washington and Kent, but the upcoming Blue Origin rocket manufacturing facility expansion will give the company new manufacturing and processing capabilities. Considering this team’s ambitious plans to build rockets and send manned tourist spacecraft to space, expansion could be well worth it.

Besides, the Blue Origin rocket factory expansion will create new job opportunities for high-skilled space staff. As a matter of fact, the company already has 27 new vacancies on its official website. Most positions are aimed at engineers and project managers, but the upcoming Blue Origin expansion may create even more job opportunities in the area.

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