Blue Origin Aims to Take People to Space by April 2021

28th Jan 2021
Blue Origin Aims to Take People to Space by April 2021

After completing a flight test without a hitch recently, Blue Origin looks forward to realising its space tourism goals soon. The company will use the upgraded Shephard vessel for its upcoming missions carrying a crew as soon as April. 

Some of the upgrades that the company made on the vessel include additional features for better communication. These additions are on the seats of the crew of 6, who will be the first to venture into space under Blue Origin. Also, there’s an addition of alert systems complete with a safety video similar to those on airplanes. 

Taking people to orbit is now more comfortable with additional humidity and cooling systems on the craft to top that off. These are crucial in terms of preventing fogging of windows. Also, it’s the best way to get rid of CO2 from inside the vessel. 

What Does Blue Origin have in Store for Space Tourism?

The goal is to ensure taking people to space is an adventure many will never forget. Therefore, other features supporting this include 360-degree rotation when ascending. With windows free of fog, tourists can enjoy magnificent views from all angles without straining. 

Blue Origin plans to conduct a test flight dubbed NS-15 with a crew on board as soon as April. Once successful, space tourism will be within reach of many space enthusiasts. 

Apart from Blue Origin, others like Richard Branson and Elon Musk harbor similar ambitions of taking people to space. They have similar projects in the works, and soon people will have options of who to use. 

Still, it’s worth noting that many hold reservations regarding space tourism and launching more satellites. The orbit near the earth is full of debris, and a solution is needed even as private companies take people to space.

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